3m Inflatable Mat For Jumping

3m Inflatable Mat For Jumping

Ever worry about your kids practicing at home and injuring themselves? Worry no more! The Gymtastic Air Track is PERFECT tool to keep your gymnast safe while practice at home on a competition like floor. Great for gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, free running, stunting, martial arts, and water yoga. Every gymnast DREAMS of getting to Rank 7 and beyond. The Gymtastic Mat is the best tool to help your gymnast achieve his or her dreams! Tired of gymnastic equipment that takes up your ENTIRE garage storage? Don’t be! The Gymtastic mat deflates and folds up into a convenient duffel storage bag. This makes it easy to store in a cupboard, closet, or under most beds. Set up is simple and only takes 1-2 minutes with the free electric pump! When you are finished using your inflatable gymnastics track, simply deflate the mat, roll it up, and store in the duffel bag. We guarantee you and your gymnast will LOVE this product. We are so confident, that if you aren't happy with the tumbling track, we will give you a FULL REFUND

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inflatable air mat can be a high jumping mat

High jump is very popular in all parts of the world, and it is also a favorite sports activity for children and adolescents. There are a variety of high jump postures such as leapfrog, scissor, prone and back, and the most popular is the back style. The body jumps over the crossbar by back-to-back crossbars by running up and jumping, and is called the back jumper in the method of jumping back up. High jump is a sport that conquers heights. It is a symbol of human indomitableness and courage to climb the peak.

Back-jumpers will use high jump pads. What are some aspects of the quality of jump pads?

The first is the elasticity and support of inflatable gymnastics mats, which are too soft and too hard to obtain good protection. The jump pad is used to protect the athlete's elasticity and support is the most important point to examine the quality of the jump pad.

The second is to see if the surface of the inflatable gymnastic mat has any sharp and easily hurt parts of the athlete.

Third, we must look at the durability of inflatable gymnastics mats. Under the premise of guaranteeing the first point and the second point, try to obtain a longer period of use. Such a high jump pad is considered a high-quality jump pad.



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