5m Inflatable Tumbimg Trick For Gym Or Club

1.Reinforced double wall fabric know as DWF and experienced craftsmen handmade. 2.Suitable for more occasions, gymnastics, cheerleading, home entertainment, gymnasium, dance club, professional training, park and water play 3. Accessories: electric pump x 1, bag x 1, repair kit x 1 4. Inflating and deflating is done in few minutes. 5. Have 2 years warranty. accept full refund in case of bad quality

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Rhythmic Gymnastics is a new type of women's competitive sports and is a competition event for the Olympic Games and the Asian Games. Called "new gymnastics" in Japan and "rhythmic gymnastics" in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It originated in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was introduced to China by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. There are various forms such as team competitions, individual all-around matches and individual event matches. It consists of dancing, jumping, balance, wavy movements and some skill movements. It is generally performed under music and is artistic.

Our inflatable gymnastics mat allows you to freely sway your movements, and the elastic force is good, so that the trainer's jump is more accurate and perfect, the movement is more smooth and flexible, and the inflatable gymnastic mat can better prevent the athlete from falling. For gymnastic beginners is the best choice.


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