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The German gymnastic system is a gymnastic system implemented by Germans in the 18th-19th centuries. This system focuses on gymnastics and attaches importance to patriotism, nationalism, and will-quality education. It is one of the three pillars of modern sports in the world. In the formation and development of German gymnastics, Young's gymnastics and Spitz gymnastics are the most representative. The distinctive feature of the German gymnastics system is the use of gymnastics in military training for young people. Therefore, equipment gymnastics and military games are the basis of this system. At that time, German gymnastics called itself "Furnkunst". Emphasis should be given to the posture of the soldiers during the training, and the movements should be in a straight line. In the course of competition, try to practice as many repetitions as possible and be strict. Emphasis on organizational discipline, training of practitioners must have the ability to resolutely obey orders. There is a set of specific lifestyles between the "gymnastics" and the "gym". They all use the "you" second person name; eating together, eating simple, eating dry bread and drinking water, everyone loves to sing "national songs"." "Travel songs" to cultivate Germans' common thoughts and feelings. These requirements are designed to combine gymnastics with spiritual will education. Now they are starting to use gymnastics mats for gymnastics training. More convenient, safer and more stylish. What are you waiting for? Quickly join gymnastics training with our inflatable gymnastics mats.

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