Water Yoga Mat For Fitness

- Great River Hill Floating Yoga Platform - Durable Layered Drop Stitch PVC (Same Construction as White Water Rafts) - Textured Hex Pattern Comfort EVA Top Traction Pad - High Pressure / High Volume Pump for Quick and Easy Inflation - Outer Wall Anchor D-Rings to Secure your Mat and Keep it from Drifting - Forward Removable Bungee Compartment for Storage - 4 Soft Neoprene Top Handles - Center Underside Neoprene Carry Handle

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Six functions of water Yoga

1. Eliminating fatigue with water yoga mat: With abdominal breathing, you can use the water pressure to massage, squeeze, rub the internal organs, glands, skin, muscles, bones to achieve the effect of relaxing the body muscles and eliminate fatigue.

2. Improve attention with water yoga mat: It can help us learn to relax and concentrate. It is also helpful for strengthening the balance of the training. The body must be relaxed, so it is difficult for beginners to start. The point is "relax".

3. Strengthen the cardiopulmonary function with water yoga mat: can strengthen muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardiorespiratory training; activities in the water than on the land need to double the calories, not only can consume excess fat, shrink muscle body build, can better strengthen the heart and lung function, increase Oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood transport.

4. Massage, skin care with water yoga mat: Due to relatively less sweating in the water, it reduces the skin irritation caused by salt in sweat after land training.

5. Weight loss: The water sports adopt aerobic energy consumption form, mainly based on glycogen fat energy supply. Therefore, in conjunction with this scientific exercise and nutrition diet plan, this exercise has a very significant effect on the regulation of body fat metabolism, body fat reduction.

6. Shaping: After exercise in water, due to surface heat stimulation and buoyancy pressure stimulation, body fat distribution can be adjusted reflexively to make it transfer to the skin, promote fat synthesis, form a thin layer of fat, make the body The line becomes. Flexibility and harmony


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