Artistic gymnastics

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Inflatable gymnastics is based on the general artistic gymnastics, through more accurate movement technology and high artistic, within a specified time, showing the perfect combination of body and apparatus of a collective and individual competition. Competitive Artistic gymnastics official event have the rope, hoop, ball, stick with five kinds of equipment, time, space requirements, the number of in-demand action, and the action specified number, movement difficulty, action type, with a dedicated The rules of the competition, the referee according to the rules of the set of athletes complete sets of actions and the completion of the situation were given a score. Athletes to win the game, you must meet the following conditions, namely the difficulty of superb action skill, innovative and unique layout, high-quality action is completed, music and movement perfect fit, and a wealth of expressive athletes. And all this is with the athletes usually hard, systematic training can not be separated. Inflatable gymnastics mat will popular in the world.

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