Do exercise at night

- Jan 04, 2018 -

1, just before bed, if do some leisure sport is useful, but it doesn't fit strenuous exercise.
2, appropriate exercise can improve sleep.
But the evening is appropriate for fitness, according to the different people habit, the fitness, but no matter what time before going to bed an hour should stop motion, so as not to affect sleep.Human sleep need a run-up, movement of the sympathetic nerve is excited, take some time to let it gradually quiet down, so that the parasympathetic nerve.From health consideration, 21 to 23 PM is the best period for human body to sleep, because the time is more important meridians of the twelve meridians of the human body -- the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the best period by the aftercare.People sleep at this time, the most beneficial to the body's rest.So, in order to fully rest well, if the work is not so busy, should as far as possible arrange your sleep time between 21 and 23.
3, exercise intensity is another key factors affect sleep.Point is, usually evening exercise is not advocating a larger movement intensity, but also has a different view.For example, a recent study found that in 90 minutes before going to bed do 1 hour or 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise does not make it difficult to fall asleep, will not reduce the quality of sleep.The university of south Carolina researchers think: before sleeping movement in fact can promote sleep, reduce anxiety, increase temperature.
4, for people who can only gym in the evening, had better choose yoga, qigong, walking, such as moderate aerobic exercise, make their body and mind gradually quiet down, the state of the transition to conducive to sleep.And goes to sleep as much as possible before a hot bath, relaxing tendons, well sleep, help to shorten sleep time, but also reduce shallow sleep time, after the fall asleep more quickly into the deep sleep stages.

Jogging is a good choice, of course, before going to sleep, but for not suitable for jogging environment, we recommend that yoga helps bones and muscles stretching exercise, etc.Inflatable yoga mat can assist us to do the action in place.Inflatable gymnastics mat is soft and elastic surface can reduce the pressure of the movement, the gravity play a buffer action. Inflatable sport mat before sleeping is more suitable for small amplitude motion.

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