Exercise can improve the skin

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Originally I was a big fat paper.Big fat paper 190 catties.As a relatively "love sports" big fat paper.My skin actually has a lot of problems.
First: family easy pigmentation (is hurt, skin healing, leaving a scar, but the pigment doesn't back off.Tan, too.
Second: grow fat, movement not regularly.Lead to skin with the sort of little a knot in one's arms and back.Actually, afterwards just know is all pore clogging.
Third: or fat, the body inside the fire, cause easily have package.
Originally I was worried about my skin, constantly wash face milk.Skin care.But it is of no damn use
This summer vacation, I started running from 31 July to lose weight.Up to now for 21 days.My biggest change is not weight, but the skin.
First of all, my skin luster, and starting from the dark I turned white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second, all the pore blocking all opened, now the cheeks, arms, very smooth, no bumps.
On the last no longer than the package.
Although I in 21 days, only lost 14 pounds.
But the change of skin, let me very satisfied.I'll continuous movement.Toward thin I forward.
I think sports is sweat, at the same time of sweat, inside the body of toxins are excluded.The pores.This leads to better skin.

One thing I want to be you will always find a way.Buy an inflatable gymnastics mat, then home exercise equipment , don't have to out the door.And inflatable gymnastics mat, especially suitable for beginners to use, can protect the user.When not and will not take a place.

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