Floor Exercise

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Floor Exercise

Floor exercise is one of the gymnastics events. Complete the set of actions at the prescribed venue and time.

The large-scale competition takes place on a 12 m x 12 m flexible floor. In 1911, men's floor exercise was listed as an international competition event. In the 1950s, men's floor exercise was dominated by simple hand flips and flips. In the 1960s there were two weeks of flips and multiple rotations. In the 1970s, the turning of the composite shaft occurred. In the late 1980s, there was a three-week turnaround and a straight spin. Women's free gymnastics was listed as a competition event at the 12th World Gymnastics Championships in 1950. At the beginning of the 1950s, women's floor exercise was dominated by dance movements. In the 1960s, there was a type of movement of empty flips and modern dance and modern music. In the early 1980s, there was a two-week overswing plus swivel type action.

Related actions explained


One of the gymnastic moves. A static motion in which the shoulder axis of a human body is higher than the axis of the instrument and generates pressure on the grip point. Separate support (supporting the instrument by hand only) and mixed support (supporting the instrument by hand and part of the body at the same time). It is one of the basic movements of gymnastic exercises.

Horizontal rest horizontal hanging scale lever

One of the gymnastic support moves. Refers to the horizontal posture of the body for support or static motion. Power quality requirements are high. It is a difficult static motion.


One of the still movements in gymnastics. With the palm of your hand propped on the floor, your head is facing downwards, and the body with both arms and legs straight is upside down. According to the gestures completed by the action, it is divided into: flexed arm flexion, straight arm flexion, straight arm straight body, straight arm flexion and inverted hands, one hand inverted and so on. The requirements for upper body strength and body control are high.

Hand flip (beuypitch;handspring, semi-aerial tumbling;spring)

One of the gymnastic movements. Refers to the hand supporting on the ground or the device, the body diameter upside down, and then flipping the hand while pushing the support. According to the direction of the flip, points forward, backward, sideways three. It is also one of the basic movements of skill sports support jumping and other items.


One of the gymnastic moves. A static motion in which the shoulder axis of a human body is lower than the axis of the instrument and generates a pulling force on the grip point. A hand that hangs over the device is called "simple drape." Such as hanging on the horizontal bar. A hand and part of the body hang over the instrument or contact the ground at the same time, and say "hybrid drape." Such as a single knee hangs. It is one of the basic movements of gymnastic exercises.


One of gymnastic overturning moves. Refers to the human body's composite flip motion while rotating about the vertical axis while flipping the horizontal axis along the horizontal axis for two weeks. According to the flipping direction, sub-rotate forward and rotate backward; according to the human body posture, subgroup rotation, flexion rotation, and straight body rotation; the rotation cycle is divided into two rotations, three rotations and the like.

Roll over

One of the gymnastic moves. Refers to the body in turn touching the ground or equipment, but also through the head of the flip action. Roll forward (forward direction) and backward (direction backward). It is one of the contents of gymnastic enlightenment training.

Swing motion

A kind of gymnastic action. Refers to the use of muscles to force, change the relative position of various parts of the human body, and carry out the deployment and combination of the movement speed of each part of the human body, so that the human body produces a kind of movement of variable speed movement. According to the characteristics of the human body's movement speed, it can be divided into large pendulums, flexion and extension, and loopback. It is the most content and most complex type of movement in gymnastics. It is conducive to cultivating the rhythm of movement, improving the coordination ability of the body, and strengthening the strength of muscles and the three-dimensional orientation ability of space.

Teng Yue

One of the gymnastic moves. Refers to a type of movement that passes over the device after the body has been lifted. According to the direction of the human body movement, the points are vacating, swelling, and flanking. The postures of the human body, such as leaping, stumbling, and leaping, etc. When doing this kind of action, the body churns higher, the flight time is longer, and it is thrilling.

Static motion

A kind of gymnastic action. Refers to the use of coordination of muscle force, to maintain the body's balance and stability, according to the requirements of the rules, in space to stop for a certain time to complete the static posture. Such as various drape, support and inverted movements. In the process of completion of the movement, it belongs to isometric contraction in terms of the characteristics of muscle work; in terms of respiratory characteristics, there are two types of abdominal and chest breathing.

Competition venue

According to the provisions of the International Gymnastics Federation, the standard floor exercise requirements are as follows:

Length: 12 meters Width: 12 meters Security area: 1 meter

Most of the competition's dedicated venues are equipped with springs or rubber under the floor to make the venue flexible, so that it can jump higher and reduce the impact of athletes landing. The floor exercise clearly defines the boundary, and the area outside the boundary is marked by other colored carpets or has obvious adhesive tape. Most of the venues also have a few feet of safety area outside the prescribed site, which protects athletes when they unfortunately fall out of bounds. [1]

The time limit for men's floor exercise is 70 seconds, and women's time is 90 seconds. Women's competitions can have a score.

Watch etiquette

Watch gymnastics games should arrive in advance and leave the game after the game is over. In and out of the venue must be orderly, not crowded, to respect the old and young.

Don't move around during the game. It's best to walk around when the game is paused or rested. Don't speak loudly in the venue, behave in a manner that is not civil, don't throw debris everywhere, and ban smoking.

The mobile phone should be turned off or set to vibrate and mute when watching the game.

To learn the necessary knowledge of competition, we must not only look at the beautiful movements of athletes, but also look at their movement techniques and styles. It is necessary to appreciate the superb craftsmanship of athletes as well as their tenacity and inherent qualities. Both the athletes of the country and the foreign athletes are applauded. Be passionate and not arrogant, passionate and lose your weight.

Athletes need to eliminate all distractions before doing the action, prefer to calm down and concentrate on the actions to be completed when doing the action. The audience should be watching with full attention at this time. Do not applaud or cheer, let alone call the athlete's name.

Do not use a flash camera to take pictures, because the flashing light will distract the athlete's attention, affect the athlete's judgment of the space height and time orientation, and may even result in a game mistake or injury. It's a decent and appropriate behavior to cry out when athletes are about to play and applause at the end of the athlete's actions.

Gymnastics are items that are scored by referees. When you think that there is a phenomenon of unfair referees, do not get upset and do not be impulsive. You must exercise restraint in your emotions. This injustice may be because you don't know enough about the rules, and encouraging athletes, understanding referees, and continuing to watch the following games are the best choices. 

After the game is over, when leaving the venue, please bring the garbage out of the court.

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