Free exercise

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Free exercise is one of the competitive gymnastics. Complete the set of actions within the specified venue and time.

Inflatable Gym mat 12 m × 12 m used for training on. 1911 men's floor exercise is listed as an international competition. 50's men's floor exercise with simple hand-flip and flip type of action-based. 60s appear two weeks of turnover and multi-week turnaround. In the 70s there was a spin-up of the composite shaft. In the late 1980s there was a flips of 3 weeks and a straight body spin. Women's floor exercise was listed as a competition at the 12th World Gymnastics Championships in 1950. The 20th century, the early 50s women's free gymnastics to dance movements. In the 60s there was a flip flutter type movement and the use of modern dances and modern music. In the early 1980s, there was a double overturning plus turning type action.

Related action explanation


One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the human body shoulder axis higher than the instrument axis and pressure on the holding point of a static action. Simple support (only hand support equipment) and mixed support (hand and body part at the same time supporting equipment). Is one of the basic movements of the gymnastics equipment.

Front rest horizontal hanging scale lever

Gymnastics support one of the moves. Refers to the body was horizontal posture support or static force action. Strength of the higher quality requirements. Is a difficult static action.


One of the stationary movements in gymnastics. With the palm of your hand, head down, arms and legs are straight body inverted action. Accordance with the gesture to complete the action is divided into: flexor pike, straight flexor, straight arm straight, straight leg pike and hands upside down, one hand upside down and so on. On the upper body strength and body control requirements of the higher.

Hand turn (beuypitch; handspring, semi-aerial tumbling; spring)

Gymnastics toss one of the moves. Refers to the hand on the ground or equipment, body diameter upside down, and then in the hand pushing the flip action. According to the direction of flip, points forward, backward, hand side to turn three. It is also one of the basic movements of a project such as jumping and jumping of skills.


One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the human body shoulder shaft lower than the instrument axis and the grip point of a static action. Only hand overhang the device, called "simply overhang." Such as drape on the horizontal bar. A hand and body part that hangs over the instrument or touches the ground at the same time, called "hybrid overhang." Such as single hanging knee overhang. Is one of the basic movements of the gymnastics equipment.

Turn over

One of gymnastic flip flops. Refers to the human body after the vacate along the horizontal axis flip two weeks at the same time, around the vertical axis of the composite flip flutter action. Press the flip direction, sub-pronation, spin; according to human posture, sub-group spin, quasi-rotation, straight body rotation; by swivel weeks divided into two weeks spin, three weeks spin.

Roll over

One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the trunk in turn touch the ground or equipment, but also after the head of the flip action. Rolling forward (action forward) and roll back (action backward). Is one of the elements of gymnastics training.

Swing action

A gymnastics action. Refers to the force through the muscles, changing the relative position of various parts of the human body parts of the movement speed deployment and combination of the human body to produce an action shift. According to the characteristics of the movement of various parts of the deployment of the body can be divided into large swing, flexion and extension, loop and so on, is the most equipment gymnastics, the most complex changes in a class of action. Conducive to the sense of rhythm of training movements, improve the coordination of the body, enhance muscle strength and space for three degrees of orientation.

Teng Yue

One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the entire body after the move from the device over a type of action. According to the direction of human movement, the points are more and more positive, the back of the victories, the more side-teng three; by the body after the teng posture, there are legs and more, flexor body more and more, leap forward and so on. When doing such kind of action, the human body rises higher, the flight time is longer, has the adventurous sex.

Still action

A gymnastics action. Refers to the stationary force of muscle coordination, maintain the balance and stability of the body, according to the requirements, stop in space for a certain period of time to complete the static position. Such as various drape, support and inverted movements. In the process of completion of the action, in terms of muscle work characteristics, isometric contraction; in terms of breathing characteristics, there are two forms of abdominal and chest breathing.

Competition venues

According to the provisions of the International Gymnastics Federation, the standard free gym ground requirements are as follows:

Length: 12 meters Width: 12 meters Security area: 1 meter air floor

Our Inflatable air track making the venue resilient so as to jump higher and reduce the impact of athletes landing. Free gymnastics clearly defined the border, outside the area marked by other colors of the carpet or attached to the obvious tape. Most of the venues also left a few feet of safe area outside the site, protecting the athletes from falling out of bounds. [1]

The time limit for man's floor exercise is 70 seconds and for women it is 90 seconds. Women's game can have soundtrack.

View match etiquette

Watch gymnastics competitions should arrive in advance, exit after the match. To enter the venue to be orderly, not crowded, to respect the old love young.

When playing, do not walk around, it's best to walk or rest during the game. Do not speak loudly in the venue, should be civilized, litter, smoke-free.

The tournament should be shut down or set the phone in vibration, mute state.

Learn the necessary knowledge of the competition, it is necessary to see the beautiful movements of athletes, but also depends on their action skills and style. It is necessary to enjoy athletes superb skills, but also to feel their tenacious style and inherent quality. Both to cheer the country players, but also to foreign athletes applause. Be enthusiastic and not manic, passionate without losing sense of proportion.

Athletes need to rule out all the distractions before doing action, rather God calm, do all the action to concentrate on the action to be done. At this point the audience should concentrate on watching, do not applause, do not cheer, not to mention the name of the athlete.

Photographing Do not use the flash, as flashing lights distract the athlete's attention, affecting the athlete's judgment of the space's height and timing, and may even result in race mistakes or injuries. It is appropriate and appropriate to shout and cheer up when an athlete is about to make an appearance and applaud the athlete at the end of the action.

Gymnastics by the referee scoring items, when you think there is a phenomenon of unfair referee, do not fool around, do not impulse, to restrain their emotions. This injustice may simply be because you do not know enough about the rules, and encouraging athletes and referees to understand the following matches is the best bet.

When the game is over, leave the venue with the garbage outside.

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