German international gymnastics section of track and field sports, astonishing 86 - year - old granny

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Four years a session of the Germany international athletics gymnastics festival on June 3-10, was successfully held in Berlin, this is bayern Munich in Germany since 1860, the state of coburg held since sports festival, the fifth went to Berlin."Aunt next door" chancellor Angela merkel also happy to attend the opening ceremony, also enjoy with athletes and sports fans play.
German international gymnastics section of track and field sports from the early 19th century the "father" of gymnastics Friedrich Ludwig - Yang (Friedrich Ludwig Jahn) promoted gradually developed into the traditional national sports in Berlin and popular.Do early period of the gymnastics section only thousands of people attended, with the expanding of influence, the club has been set up, the social from all walks of life also gradually involved, to 2005 gymnastics section for ten thousand people attended the event.
In numerous players this year, two of the most prominent players than German gymnast qin and han cloth more than 80 - year - old YouTube celebrity "gymnastics" grandma Johanna boast.Germany star han qin in the Olympic stadium in Berlin to attend the gym day ceremony, officially announced his retirement, Germany's chancellor, Angela merkel, and the scene of the 55000 spectators witnessed the touching scene.Rio Olympics, winner of men's horizontal bar is 29 years old qin han cloth to gymnastics fans all over the world's last performance in the world competition, and he finally realized his dream of Olympic gold medal.
As early as 2012, 86 - year - old German woman do gymnastics video across the world through the network.It is said that YouTube is two or three days alone attracted 1.4 million visitors click."Gymnastics" grandma became red, still have to hired a media manager in Berlin, to help deal with the sudden, inundated with interview requests.
Grandma kua, 60 years ago was a handball players, and took the east German champions.After 30 years of age, because "gymnastics can hold the youth," she began.Even she herself did not know was that his then unexpectedly connect took 11 Germany "gymnastics" elderly citizens medal.Now, kua, grandma has been out of the game "gymnastics", because "80" (years old) after the group is not a rival, as we will have to join "after 70" group.
"I also want to give others a little chance, and with more than 70 - year - old old man had no meaning."Kua, grandma said, put this under her thoroughly gymnastics as entertainment, practice every day, only the fitness.
Impressive is the party of the scale and popularity.The summit on physical fitness and sports for all large has formal event, not only include all kinds of the masses to participate in the activities.Gymnastics, aerobics, running, trampoline, wheelbarrow, wheels, gymnastics, rope skipping, dancing, movement skills, all-around champion and other projects, a total of ten thousand individual campaign started, more than 80000 people from all over the club or as independent athletes from all over Germany Berlin to participate.More than 80000 participants in a minimum of 3 months only, the oldest is 93 years old.Only the number of games volunteers reached 7000 people, the number is as high as 820000.During the week's events, single is the athletes will consume 400000 loaves of bread for breakfast, 4 tons of butter!This not the kui is one of the world's largest national fitness sports event.
  The national fitness is not the phenomenon of a country, is also spreading all over the world.Gymnastics can strengthen physical health, and can relieve pressure, be beneficial to health of body and mind is a populist movement.Can be seen from the inflatable gymnastics mat sales this year, more and more families choose inflatable gymnastics pad to assist children's gymnastics. And contact gymnastics children age is smaller and smaller.This year we have inflatable gymnastics pad is the smallest user a 10 months old babies, parents choose to let him inflatable crawl the MATS to play, since the childhood to exercise his adaptation degree of gymnastics mats.

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