Gymnastics Action four

- Nov 09, 2017 -


One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the entire body after the move from the device over a type of action. According to the direction of human movement, the points are more and more positive, the back of the victories, the more side-teng three; by the body after the start of the posture, there are legs and more, flexor body more and more, leap forward and so on. When doing such kind of action, the human body rises higher, the flight time is longer, it is a little danger. But inflatable airtrack can ensure your safe. 

Still action

A gymnastics action. Refers to the stationary force of muscle coordination, maintain the balance and stability of the body, according to the requirements, stop in space for a certain period of time to complete the static position. Such as various drape, support and inverted movements. In the process of completion of the action, in terms of muscle work characteristics, isometric contraction; in terms of breathing characteristics, there are two forms of abdominal and chest breathing.Inflatale airtrack is a good and new equipment for gymnastics. 


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