History of wrestling

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Wrestling is widely regarded as the world's oldest competitive sport, the unearthed 5000 years ago the ancient egyptians has been wrestling pattern on the wall.Greece there are many famous philosophers, poets, and generals were wrestlers, such as idealism of famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato, wrestling is the time of the star.When the ancient Olympic Games held in 776 BC, wrestling became one of the events.Since then, wrestling and has been one of the major events of the Olympic Games.
  Wrestling also has a long history in China.According to the south people Ren Fang recorded in the above vision, was: "play between han said human-god's ear, temples, such as halberd head with horns, and XuanYuanDou, to Angle on people, the people not to.This wing state has a human-god drama of music, the 2233 s, wore a horn to offset, han made Angle on play, the guy whose legacy system also."This "human-god play" is the ancient Chinese wrestling.
  Interruption of the ancient Olympic Games 1500 years later, the modern Olympic Games in 1896, wrestling and then find a place in the Olympic Games.Organizers in the process of looking for the direct link with the ancient Olympic Games, naturally selected wrestling sports, because it was in ancient popular in most parts of the world, from Greece, Assyria and Babylon to India, China and Japan.So they believed to be an exact carryover from the Greek and Roman wrestlers of old, reconstructed the greco-roman wrestling.
  From a historical perspective, greco-roman wrestling is a good sport.But at the same time, another kind of freedom wrestling form popular in the whole of the UK and the us.This freestyle wrestling is known as "catch as catch" sport, and in the two countries has become the people common program at fairs and festivals, and even become a popular entertainment career.Freestyle wrestling into the Olympic Games in 1904.
  In 1912, when the Olympic Games held in Stockholm, the international amateur wrestling federation (FILA) was formally established, greco-roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling is listed as one of the international events.The establishment of the international fell greatly promoted the greco-roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling movement spread around the world, to booming wrestling exercise in five continents.

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