International Gymnastics Woman Scoring Rules

- Feb 23, 2018 -

International Gymnastics Women's Scoring Rules The scoring standards for women's gymnastics competitions, which are administered by the IUCN Women's Technical Committee. Make a big change every 4 years. Based on technical regulations and the main decisions of the International Sports Federation and taking full account of the modern development of world women's competitive gymnastics and the experience of international competitions. The rules help to standardize the organization of the UEFA competition, to state the general principles of coaching and athletes' performance in the game and to inform them of the direction in which they are to be prepared for the game, and to standardize the referee rules to ensure that in the international competition As far as possible to give the objective objective score; further development of the referee's general and special knowledge and ability. The Women's Technical Committee recommends that member associations also adopt the IUCN Women's Scoring Rules in both domestic and international tournaments. World Championships or the Olympic Games, based on the analysis of the International Federation of Fighters, may be to improve the rules. The current rules (1993 ~ 1996) consists of 13 rules and difficulty table.

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