Keep the child reasonable nutrition, education children actively participate in physical exercise ​

- Oct 06, 2017 -

Reasonable nutrition is an important basis for ensuring the healthy development of children. So that children get a variety of minerals, vitamins, and the amount of protein and fat. Educate children to participate actively in physical exercise, running, jumping, games, gymnastics, dance and other sports, is to promote the formation of healthy positive factors. In physical exercise, children should be allowed to do with the bilateral limb movement or body activities, such as: hands shot, rope skipping, gymnastics, etc., so as to avoid long-term unilateral movement (such as badminton, throwing, etc.) and affect bilateral muscle development The imbalance. Inflatable gymnastics mats allow children to play in the development of muscle growth, in short, pay attention to science, in order to cultivate a healthy child's body.


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