Often practice squatting disease prevention fitness

- Oct 20, 2017 -

People in daily life may wish to squat less sit, this is because squat more than sitting more calories, can reduce the accumulation of fat. In addition, people squat, heart and lung blood flow is relatively abundant, can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease; squat can increase the scope of the chest and lung activity, thereby improving heart and lung function, anti-aging.

Chair squatting practitioners with their own back, lumbosacral rely on the back of the chair, after the squat to remain intact. Practice time can be gradually extended to 2 to 4 minutes is appropriate.

Heel squatting with the floor, while the arch can also be part of the ground, before the soles of the feet, that is, after the third of the soles of the feet touch the ground. As the front foot soles, the body center of gravity backward shift, master well, easy to back down, so the first practice should pay attention to safety, time control in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Tai Chi squatting feet together, feet close together, and then knees bent, bent to the thighs and legs close together, so that meridian points overlap, squeeze each other, can play massage, massage effect. Practice time 1 to 3 minutes.

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