Physical exercise every day, can improve memory

- Jan 16, 2018 -

This view has deeply rooted in people's heart: exercise can actually change the brain, affect the person's thinking and emotion.But a more detailed level study shows that the effect is more subtle than many scientists used to think that.Can benefit from exercise, may depend on the movement of the time and frequency, and associated with the brain's genetic make-up.

In April 2012, the magazine "neuroscience" published an article, reports a study of Dartmouth college in New Hampshire.The researchers of psychology and neuroscience at colleges and universities, from the campus and community near recruited 54 adult, as a volunteer in the trials, their age from 18 to 36, have healthy body, who seldom exercise.

Volunteers test first and answer a series of questions about their emotions and health, such as the level of anxiety in the peace, at that time, was also blood for genetic testing.

Formerly research has shown that exercise can promote a source sex is called brain nerve growth factor (BDNF) protein secretion, in the process of the influence of exercise on the brain, the protein played a positive role, its generation associated with gene, for example, after some movement of BDNF is less than the others, this is because they control the BDNF secretion of genes is different with others.So, the researchers will test every volunteers BDNF gene.

Memory test is this: some objects from a computer screen flashing, another set of pictures soon, the volunteers were asked to answer, if every object first.Responsible for the study, said David butch, an associate professor and former studies, different parts of the brain involved in the experiment: other experiments often test the effects of movement of hippocampal cells, the hippocampus is one of the brain's memory center, but the activity of the identifying objects need the limbic cortex, if the edge of the cortex is not healthy, you may remember where the key to the car - this is the hippocampus is responsible for, but I don't remember what kind of car keys are.

Volunteers after completing these tests, randomly divided into group "sports" and "meditation group", the next round, "sports" set of volunteers, walking or jogging four times a week for 30 minutes each time, the meditation group continue to sedentary.

A month later, the volunteers to lab test again.People in half of the "group" before the test, walking or jogging partner."Meditation group" is also true: test on the same day, half of them from the experiment for the first time since the start of movement, the other half had no movement.

Results some surprising.Predictably, the movement for a month in the exercise group volunteers, many people in emotion and memory tests scores are increased obviously, but not everyone is so.

In general, exercise group, test on the day of the exercise of volunteers, in memory tests, the best their anxiety level is better than other volunteers;Movement in the group, no exercise test on the day of the volunteers, doing better on memory tests the meditation group members, but not as test on the same day to exercise.

It is interesting to note that the test before exercise not only did not improve the meditation group member performance on memory tests, and according to their own, they also more anxious, more nervous than testing for the first time.

In contrast the BDNF gene of volunteers and the memory test scores, the most interesting finding: gene mutation in hinder movement after secrete BDNF (variation) this is a common person, even if regular exercise, memory did not improve.This genetic mutation is common, in 30% of European white body.

This shows that physical activity and mental interaction, perhaps more complex than people used to know.Butch, for instance, some people's genetic make-up can not promote the BDNF secretion, that their memory changes after motion, may be not as good as those genes can promote the secretion of BDNF.

But the conclusion of this study was, in general, exercise can improve the memory."Strong existing data show that people should exercise."Butch, points out that the improved scores on memory tests of volunteers, are almost always exercise for a month and test on the same day also, it shows that exercise has a very strong cumulative effect.Butch also mentioned that different memory, involves the different areas of the brain, but for long, reasonable exercise, almost no unaffected.


Thus it can be seen from exercise not only relationship healthy body, but also mental development.This American parents do better.They often take children to exercise, even often exercise with your child. Inflatable mat is a new kind of sports equipment, inflatable gymnastics mat is elastic, can not only promote the movement, also can have the effect of vibration insulation. Inflatable air track exercise that occupy the home, everyday play the necessary equipment.

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