Rhythmic gymnastics

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Rhythmic gymnastics not only has strong sportsmanship, but also has unique artistic and ornamental characteristics. It will be beautiful dynamic Xin music, vigorous body movements and superb mechanical action organically combined on the 13 × 13 m carpet, forming a variety of beautiful shapes and a range of novel and unique picture was Westerners Compared to "the dance on the carpet." A good rhythmic gymnast must not only have superior skills, but also have a beautiful body. Therefore, the artistic gymnastics competition is largely a kind of beautiful contest. Rhythmic gymnastics is full of action. There are a variety of exercises for walking, running, jumping, swiveling, and balancing hand exercises. There are also hand-held exercises for swinging, wrapping, rolling and throwing of various light instruments. Great River & Hill is professional Inflatable airtrack mat manufacturer. 

Through these exercises, the muscles of various parts of the body can be developed in a balanced manner so as to improve the physical quality such as coordination, flexibility, flexibility and bouncing. More importantly, the practice of artistic gymnastics under the accompaniment of music can cultivate the bodybuilder 's physique and graceful body posture, which fully reflects the natural beauty and youthful vitality of the human body and is deeply favored by the audiences, especially the female teenagers.Using our inflatable airtrack, you will win!

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