Some exercise recommendations

- Oct 28, 2017 -

Exercise recommendations: 20 years old is the physical age of exercise, muscle weight and bone density have reached the peak. Experts advise people of this age group to exercise at least 5 times a week, every 40 minutes; exercise type as diverse as possible. Aerobic exercise and strength training can be crossed. Every three months can be repeated once the accelerated turn run test, take a look at their own progress.

      For women of this age, they are mostly pregnant or when the young mother's state; changes in hormone secretion will lead to a variety of problems with their physical function, such as shoulder pain and back pain. However, this age group of men and women if the exercise is excessive, but also on the joints and cartilage damage.

      Exercise recommendations: You need more than 20 years of age to work hard to squeeze out time to exercise, such as cycling to work, brisk walking, jogging and three times a week to participate in fitness classes. Do not sit when you can stand, can climb the stairs when you do not take the elevator, as much as possible to find the opportunity to let the body move up. Exercise at least two and a half hours a week, you can find some interested and consistent with their own laws of life movement.Such as use our tumbling air track to jump or to do gymnastics.

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