Taekwondo (Unarmed combatives the Korean peninsula)

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Tae kwon do (on the Korean peninsula unarmed combatives)Tae kwon do (Korean: 태 권 도, English: Taekwondo), is one of the modern Olympic Games official competition projects, is a major use of hand and foot fighting or against the motion.

Taekwondo originated in the Korean peninsula, by north Korea in The Three Kingdoms period of early kick with evolved, flower lang road, south Korean folk popular a kind of art.

Before 1955, South Korea is not the word taekwondo, Korean martial arts also with karate, tang hand and minority folk kick to give priority to, such as period of Japanese colonial rule, a large number of young students to study abroad in Korea, in Japan to accept the system of song tao pavilion karate training, shortly after they started teaching students.Following the defeat of Japan, South Korea for national independence, a large number of karate, tang hands behing pavilion, South Korea early karate communicator will traditional martial arts kick with combined with karate, called tang hand.And led to the first south Korean pavilion, this is the ninth avenue later pavilion.

The word "taekwondo", was founded in 1955 by South Korea's general choi general name.General choi general early in life, when studying in Japan, has studied Japanese karate, song tao pavilion flow with the traditional Korean kick with wushu, hand stroke and other technology to taekwondo.In a word, modern tae kwon do is combined with the contemporary one of east Asia long Korean origin of wushu wushu sports.Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts in the development of after the east Asian cultures, in order to "begins with the ritual, and finally the ritual" budo spirit as the foundation.Its feet (70%).Taekwondo routines with a total of 25 sets;There are weapons, David, broke the lock, to dismantle self defense and more than 10 kinds of basic kung fu, etc.

Taekwondo at the 1988 Olympic Games as demonstration project;In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics began to test events;Became a full to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.Tae kwon do in organizations around the world are divided into two systems, respectively: international taekwon-do federation (ITF) and the world taekwondo federation (WTF).

Olympic Games is the WTF system.So-called taekwondo kick (airport), means to kick, hit;Boxing (KWON), with a fist fight;(DO), is a kind of art.Taekwondo is a way to use the art of boxing and feet.It was based on the feet of kung fu, its feet (70%).Taekwondo routines with a total of 24 sets;There are weapons, David, broke the lock, to dismantle self defense and more than 10 kinds of basic kung fu, etc.Taekwondo is a Korean martial art in the development of after the east Asian culture, Oriental spirit as the soil, inherit traditional for a long time, in order to "begins with the ritual, ceremony" budo spirit as the foundation.

Taekwondo is given priority to with feet, David, and it broke lock, to break the basic kung fu has certain risk, such as the more strict requirements on site.For starters, we suggest that in soft ground.Inflatable mat is a good choice, in the inflatable sports mat learning taekwondo, can improve comfort, reduce the risk. And inflatable cushion and convenient carrying and storage, it is indispensable to modern sports sports equipment.


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