The development of modern competitive gymnastics-Chapter One

- Mar 02, 2018 -

The development of modern competitive gymnastics

Chinese Gymnastics Association

Chapter One


The development of modern competitive gymnastics


(1953 - 1958)


1953 to 1958, is China's modern competitive gymnastics vigorous stage. To participate in gymnastics as many people apply for gymnastics gymnastics professional public figure, the gymnastics professional cadre growth rate, improve the level of gymnastics skills and so on, are not built before the match.


The first section of the formulation of strategic measures and the backbone of the training


In the early years of the founding of New China, the Central Sports Commission took a series of measures to vigorously carry out gymnastics throughout the country: the first national athletics, gymnastics and cycling conference was held in October 1953, and the Soviet State Gymnastics Team was invited to visit China to perform performances. It is of great historical significance to promote the development of gymnastics in our country. In November 1953, the National Gymnastic Training Team was established. In June 1955, gymnasts and coaches were sent to study in the Soviet Union. In August of the same year, they first participated in the International Gymnastics Competition. These measures are of strategic significance for popularizing gymnastics and cultivating the backbone of gymnastics.


The Soviet sports delegation (the Soviet National Gymnastics Team) is the first foreign gymnastics team to visit after the founding of People's Republic of China. The whole group of 30 people, the essence of the Soviet Union gymnastics. From September 13, 1953 to October 26, the two countries conducted a friendly visit to our country.


Head of Delegation Agragraderski, head of the Scientific Method Department of the Sports Ministry of the Soviet Union Ministry of Health. Head coach Xie Li, men's coach Plotkin, women's coach Brezhnev and Aleksandrov, are well-known national gymnastics coach of the Soviet Union.


A total of 12 female athletes, including the 1952 10th Asian Games balance beam champion Bo Chalova. A total of 10 male athletes, including the 15th Olympic Games men's all-around champion, meritorious athletes Zhu Karin and so on. All are Soviet athletes. The National Gymnastics Team of the USSR has performed 20 shows in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hankou. The total number of spectators is 519000, with 6,400 sportsmen coming to visit. The Soviet national gymnastics team also conducted demonstration exercises in our country 4 times, the report will be 7 times, 6,500 listeners. Open a forum in Beijing three times, 130 participants. In a one and a half month long visit, it brought new information and advanced training experience to our country in modern gymnastics. The visit of the Soviet gymnastics team marks the end of modern gymnastics in our country and the beginning of modern gymnastics.

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