The following 10 aspects of exercise will make children smarter:

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The following 10 aspects of exercise will make children smarter:

1. The music class

Simple and clear: studies have shown that music can make people smarter.

In fact, music training can help every person's intellectual development, whether older or younger.

A growing number of studies have found that music training is helpful to improve students' learning ability in class.

2. Limbs developed must be simple, is nonsense

Some of the children love sports study is a bad guy, because they spend too much time on the playing field, not in the library.However, if we can make sure that the children more balanced the two in the contribution of time, he also becomes simple limbs developed a fool?

In fact keep exercise habits can enhance the ability to learn.

At this point, the European and American parents are more than Chinese parents do.To begin the idea of fitness is popular in European and American countries long ago.Christmas and New Year last year, more and more parents about inflatable gymnastics pad to children as a gift, hope children can exercise at any time.And inflatable cushion elastic surface can protect the child from harm.The children can jump in the inflatable gymnastics MATS, turning somersault, gymnastics, tae kwon do and so on.

3. Don't read to children, and he read together

Your child is enlightenment reading ability?When you are read to him, don't let him look at pictures of the book only, drew his attention to the text.And he read together, rather than read to him.

Research shows that, this will help children to lay reading basic skills.Scientists suggest that only a clear focus on cultivating children's own reading ability, in this way can the parent-child reading to the children's early language ability development to achieve effective propulsion.

4. Sleep deprivation will make children stupid

Study found: lack of 1 hour of sleep, will lead to brain grade 6 level dropped to fourth grade level of the brain, this is because lose 1 hour sleep state of the brain, is equivalent to the brain cognitive ability instantly back two years.Study result and there is a clear connection between average sleep time.

5. No self-discipline, IQ, there is no meaning

A. if want to predict a child's success in the future life, the influence of the self-control than IQ genius.

B. good grades more comes from diligence, and instead of natural intelligence.

C. what have to the child's life is the best?That is tough.

6. Learning is an active process

Real learning is not a passive infusion, but actively seek.

In The New York times best seller "The Talent Code" advice: when learning knowledge, not just listening and reading, and to test their understanding of knowledge.

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