The Michaelis how to practice

- Jan 20, 2018 -

1, wheat Keith ling, commonly known as "flank" profession in the United States is also known as "the vortex"
2, it by the German obstetrics and gynecology doctors gustave wheat Keith (rotten) after years of bitter heart is (not) (to) notions of solitude (face) research, finally found it
3 Spaces above a piece of diamond, among women hip fracture, spinal bone muscle is thin than other parts of the matter, thus forming a slightly prominent rhombohedron, the diamond was later named after the doctor - Michael Keith ling
4, and on both side of wheat and Keith ling, due to the effect of stretching of the muscle, formed two like the spiral waves "small hole", commonly known as "flank," by western aesthetes praised as "the vortex"
5, said aesthetes, hip is people with the body on the back of the aesthetic subject, and "the vortex" is the essence of the hips, like eyes, the vortex is also a woman the window to the soul
6, but not everyone can grow beautiful holy vortex, even your appearance again high, no is no
7, only fat evenly, trim young women (only a handful of men) may have the vortex, so the holy vortex is regarded as one of the symbols of ideal man and the body model.At present only 3% of women around the world have the vortex
8, if have a holy vortex girl, then marry, because in this life you may only have such a wonderful woman
Flank and difficult beg, generally only shapely young women may have, and few proportion.
How to practice flank?
About the cause of flank, the first is a genetic, another is thinner.Although we can't change congenital conditions, but the day after tomorrow I can practice the flank.
Because after iliac spine and subcutaneous tissue ligament pull each other between the two, muscle and other soft tissue coverage and area are relatively thin, the formation of macroscopic sag is "flank.
In the final analysis, must have the flank, have to lose weight.When you success reducing weight, less subcutaneous fat enough, "flank" will be revealed.
1 trans sit-ups
The action on either side of the main sports lumbar muscle and hip muscles.Exercise on both sides of lumbar muscles, can beautify the back line, keep practicing can build flank!
Behavioral essentials: lying on the bed, bed is not too soft, then two hand on their waist pull, depend on the lumbar spine and he is part of the below, also is the power of the lumbar spine and hip little muscle will stand about 40 ° upper body, and then lay down, 15 for a group of repeatedly, do every day 3 or 4 groups.
2 hips bridge
Action for hip and waist hip bridge has good movement effect.At the same time for a hamstring and crotch in the posterior thigh tends to have a very good training effect.
Behavioral essentials: body lie low is on the mat, two hands down flat on the sides of their bodies, legs slightly apart to slightly wider than shoulder and bent at 60 degree Angle, two feet flat tread on the pad surface 3 squats
The squat is ham ace action.And the squat happens to be the most need large lung capacity and strong action of the heart.Insist to do also can have the effect of weight loss.The standard of the squat, back to keep straight line, hip below the knee.
Behavioral essentials: neck shoulder negative poles, hold out a bosom, look up, tight waist and belly in, a little hip flexion, two feet to pulp or stand shoulder breadth is apart from the comfortable and stable, keeping weight is always the target vertically on the leg muscles.


Inflatable floor and inflatable mat is suitable for this kind of slow motion of practice. Can improve the comfort of our exercises and integrity. Perfect figure need to perserve exercise. Necessary inflatable equipment is a good choice in the home, want to use is always the floats, convenient to store when not in use, which greatly increased the frequency of our sports.

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