The origin and development of floor exercise

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The word "Gymnastics" (Gymnastics), is derived from the Greek Gymnastike, first by the ancient Greek Gymnos (naked).The ancient greeks advocating the movement of the body, more advocate naked movement, think of the human body strong and handsome not only through clothing can reflect incisively and vividly.[1]
   Originally, the ancient Greek games contestant is not naked, after a player on the dressed in a lion's skin in the game when he fall off the skin, revealing toned muscles.People found naked more can reflect the body strong and handsome, after forming the tradition of contestants must be naked.[1]
  The ancient greeks put a lot of exercise methods, such as jumping, climbing, wrestling, boxing, dance, horse riding, military game, collectively known as gymnastics.This concept is used for many centuries.Later, many of the Greek gymnastics practice teaching material listed by the western countries in some schools, 17 ~ 18 century, in the western education and increased exercise activities such as mountain climbing, swimming, jumping
   The end of the 18th century, known as the "father of German gymnastics" ancient, jose, and the other a German gymnastics jahn in succession development, founder of the original, pommel horse, horizontal bar at the same time of the project, and created the parallel bars, wire, hanging rod and other projects, and reform the trojans, vaulting box, etc.At the same time, the Swedish gymnastics school, the Czech republic gymnastics school formed, classifying the gymnastics, through study of anatomy, physiology, invented the ribs, bar, gymnastics stool, rope ladder, etc., and emphasizes the action to be beautiful and lively, complete set of movements to compact, gymnastics exquisite wear gym suit, etc.
  Floor (floor exercise) initial Germany in the 19th century.Space and time arrangement of complete sets of unarmed and action skills.The venue area of 12 x 12 meters, laying carpet or elastic floor.Game time man is 50 ~ 70 seconds, woman is 70 ~ 70 seconds.In 1958, the 10th world gymnastics championships women floor exercise must have music accompaniment.Became a world gymnastics championships in 1903.Free gymnastics finals team at most two athletes, only free gymnastics team ranking top eight or former six have qualification.Only than voluntary.Will players in the team competition regulation action with half of the total score, voluntary voluntary plus the final score, as a final score ranking, scoring the most top place.Male, the female full marks are 20 points.Since the 1992 Olympic Games, group points not to the individual event, only in the performance of voluntary determine rankings, male, the female full marks for 10 points.Since 2006 using gymnastics new rules, the score of unlimited.Consists of two parts, A and B points.A fall into difficulty, unlimited.B points is completed and out of ten.Group of eight qualify before preliminaries.Each team up to two people.Male, the female floor exercise respectively in 1932 and is listed as the Olympic Games in 1952.From 2009 years will be A and B points instead of D and E.
The words "gymnastics" was introduced into China in the 19th century.But many similar gymnastic activities, such as the famous medical gymnastics "eight period of jin", folk inheritance or cartwheel of past dynasties has a long history in China.

According to the regulation of the international gymnastics federation, standard floor area requirement is as follows:

12 meters long, 12 meters wide: safety area: 1 meter

Most of the match special field below the floor with a spring or rubber, make full of flexibility in site, so I can jump higher, and reduce the impact of the landing athletes.Free gymnastics specified boundary, out of the area by other logo or color of the carpet with clear tape.Most of the field in the field there were a few feet outside the safety area, protection when athletes unfortunately fell out.

Inflatable gymnastics mat as a new kind of gymnastics equipment in daily has played a more and more important role in gymnastics. Inflatable gymnastics mat is soft and elastic surface can assist gymnastics movement, also can protect the beginners from harm.Beginners to practice gymnastics, inflatable GYM mat is particularly important.

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