What is the difference between a gym mat and a yoga mat?

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Yoga mat has strict standard size 610 X 1730 (International standard), 610 X 1830 (lengthened), 800 X 1830 (widened); 1200 X 1830 (double). But the gym mat is very free all sizes have, on the one hand is because the yoga mat is subjected to the strict posture and the function as well as the human body stature limit, but the fitness mat does not have the strict restriction basically is with the manufacturer's will to decide.

Function difference: Yoga mat: Non-slip, protect the ultimate goal is to make yoga more accurate to make the movement more stable to achieve the original purpose of fitness mat. Fitness Mat: Buffering and protecting the most aim is to reduce the motion cushion to protect the joint so as to protect the function

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