What kind of gift do you will send on New Year?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most important holidays in the United States. Although New Year's Day is also a festival, its weight is not as heavy as the first two holidays, especially for Christmas. In fact, from the Thanksgiving at the end of October to the Christmas at the end of December until the New Year's Day, the Americans are in a New Year's atmosphere. After New Year's Day, the New Year of the United States is truly over.

For the holidays, there is one thing Americans must do to give gifts. American Christmas or New Year to send what gift?

Americans give gifts, more intimate friends, especially relatives to send gifts to heavier. Americans do not send gifts as much as Chinese, even if they do not give money to their loved ones. Instead, they send something that they like and can use, such as jewelry and clothes, and of course computers or fishing rods. The other party is particularly fond of things. These gifts are a little more expensive, usually in the hundreds of dollars, depending on how much their own income. Gifts to their loved ones, it does not have to come home, away from the courier there.

While giving gifts between colleagues is generally 10-20 US dollars up and down the gift, up to about 30 US dollars, not too much. Of course, not to give money, but also have to send the shopping card, let you what you like to buy what is generally 20 dollars up and down. But more is to send things, such as buying some wine, chocolate and other things to eat, or the Christmas tree can hang small things. There are also embroiders or fabrics that I made for myself, to commemorate my colleagues.

Christmas parents also give gifts to their teachers, whether they are for kindergarten or elementary school teachers. Send a gift roughly the same between colleagues, expressing a meaning. Between American secondary schools and elementary school students, some send congratulations cards to express Christmas greetings. This habit has once again affected China and sent Christmas cards between students.

And between the company and the company, Christmas Christmas card will be sent to greet you about what you can. However, some companies would like to express their customers, such as renting a landlord's house office, the landlord sometimes around Christmas thanked the company renting a house, invited to the coffee shop at the company's office to provide coffee and snacks like Catering, all employees can go for a free 10-20 dollars around the coffee and snacks. There are companies and more customers between, there are shopping cards, but the shopping card is about 30-50 dollars, nor is it a lot more there is suspected of bribery. This kind of gift between companies, only sent during Thanksgiving and Christmas, will never be the same as China, some companies festivals, even the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival must also honor those administrations.

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