Why say that the world gymnastics is in the American era?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Rio Olympic women's gymnastics venue, the United States women's gymnastics team to obtain the absolute advantage of group titles, all-around champion.

Since 2008, the United States women's gymnastics began to show a trend of massive accumulation. Since then, the United States women's gymnastics team has won the 2012 Olympic Games in London and London Olympics two Olympic gymnastics women's champion, in addition, there are four World Championship. The world gymnastics is entering an "American era."

Behind this "American era" is the foundation of a solid mass movement of the American mass. Qiao Liang, who once trained two U.S. Olympic gymnastics championships for the United States, once said to China News Weekly: "The popularity of gymnastics in the United States is so good!"

According to official data provided by the American Gymnastics Association, more than 5.2 million young people in the United States are participating in organized gymnastics training. The total number of gymnastic training centers in the United States totals more than 4,000.

On August 23, 1998, with the help of a friend, Chinese trainer Qiao Liang rented a warehouse to start his own gym training school. He spent many years after he went to the United States to renovate the training hall and purchase training equipment. In order to save money, a lot of work must be done by yourself. "The benefit of having your own gym is that you can work the way you like."

"The spread of gymnastics in the United States has done a great job!" Qiaoliang thinks this is the root cause of the top talent in the gym in the United States. "Most children do not want to be Olympic champions and world champions here, but as a means of exercising, I think this is particularly good; if you can practice better, you can help go to college; You can be a national team, or have the chance to participate in the Olympic Games. Each level has its own different goals. "

"For example, learning to swim is primarily for self-help, and is one of the most basic physical functions that satisfy people," explains Qiao Liang's meaning of gymnastics. "Gymnastics is, you have to learn how to use your limbs. Know how to protect yourself, even falling, you have to know how to throw the heel, so gymnastics and swimming are the basic functions of the human body to use. "

    In the United States, inflatable gymnastics mats are also quite popular, almost every family essential. Different from the traditional gymnastic mat, inflatable gymnastics mat has the advantage of good resilience, which can better protect children from injury while practicing gymnastics. In addition, inflatable gymnastics mat deflation characteristics is that it usually takes up less space, and easy to carry. Moreover, inflatable gymnastics mats more stylish features. In today's increasingly popular gymnastics, inflatable gymnastics mats will inevitably play an increasingly important role.

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