A Story Of ​Aliya Mustafina

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Aliya Mustafina, born in Russia, Yegoriyevsk, Russian gymnast on September 30, 1994.


At 16, she won the women's all-around champion at the 2010 World Gymnastics Championships and led the Russian team to the gold medal for the first group since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Musty perseverance personality, tenacious style of Mustafa is a new generation of Russian women's gymnastics team leader, and with outstanding performance as the soul of today's women's gymnastics. Won the women's uneven bars championship in London in 2012 and won the only valuable gold medal for the Russian gymnastics team. In 2016 Rio Olympic Games, gains one gold, one silver and one bronze, once again won the Russian gymnastics team the only gold medal, became a shining star in the history of Russian gymnastics.

Mustafa Finna, who had just moved into adult competition in October 2010, could be regarded as a freshman in the World Championships, but she has no reservations about her ambitions in the face of a master. She is very high profile for the game.

Mustafa trained gymnastics, in 2009 in Japan, she said, most likes is the Beijing Olympic Games all-around champion Liu Jin, but now, into adult competition Mustafa said: "I do not have idol."

Mustafa said: "I am very friendly to everyone in the team, but I do not have the best friends, and for me, they are the same for everyone, probably because I spent on gymnastics Time is too much, because first and foremost any time the number one is for me. "

"I liked gymnastics from an early age, and now gymnastics is where my life is meant, and I do not know anything but gymnastics." So, Mustafa's life is dominated by gymnastics , In other people seems boring training in her eyes it is nourishing.

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