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- Mar 24, 2018 -

On March 23, at the standard Liege home in Belgium, there will be an international a-level match between the Japan national team and the Malian national team air tracker.

This is one of a series of warm-up matches that Japan’s national team has prepared for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The Mali national team was invited to simulate the Senegalese national team that Japan will play against at the World Cup on air track. However, after arriving in Belgium, the Japanese media discovered that the level of the Mali national team was questionable. The team was terribly young, and the superb forward in the array also missed the game due to injury.

According to a number of media reports including "Japanese Sports" and "Reporting Sports", the forward of the Malian national team and Bakari-Sacco, who played for the Premier League Crystal Palace team, did not come to Belgium because of a broken toe in January, which made Japan Originally hoped to use Sagco to imitate the defense to limit Liverpool Senegal striker Mane's idea to a bubble.

In addition, the entire Mali national team is surprisingly young. Compared to the average age of the 27-year-old team of the Japanese national team, the average age of the Malian national team is only 22.8. There are four players under the age of 20, and forward Noutaura is only 17 years old.

Defender Vacque, who played in Premiership Waterford, is the most international player in the team, but only played 28 international A-class games.

With regard to the question of the lack of gold in the opponents, Japan's national coach Harry Hodzic said, "This is a good opponent as a simulated game in Senegal."

However, the voice just dropped. Prior to the match, Mario forward Mali, who scored 20 goals this year, also gave up the national team because of thigh pain. As a result, the striker has become Diaby who has only scored four goals this season.

The Mali national team is ranked 67th in FIFA. The team is in the African Cup. Since the Malian national team is ranked 67th in FIFA, the team played against Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire and Cameroon in the Russian Russo Russia World Cup qualifiers. Field wins, ranking the team last. Mr. Magasba’s coach who is temporarily acting coach is refreshing the lineup and trying young people.

Japanese media commented that the Mali national team did not have a fragrant car Guima (Japanese game), so whether the warm-up match can achieve results is doubtful.

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