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- Apr 02, 2018 -

In 2018, the International League began in February. Nowadays, it has already carried out three single-station and three-station all-round events in the World Cup. For the purpose of training the team to accumulate experience, examine the results of winter training and find insufficiency, the Chinese gymnastics team has entered the competition in Melbourne. , Baku and Doha have scored 9 gold medals in the singles match and Stuttgart has won 1 gold medal in the all-round match.

“The parallel bars of Doha Station and Zou Jingyuan have increased by 0.2 compared with last year. Although they have played tricks, they reflect the good results of the winter training. Melbourne Station, Chen Yile participated in the adult competition for the first time, and used the highest score so far this year. It is worth exercising.” National Gymnastic Team leader Ye Zhennan affirmed the highlights of the Chinese team in several World Cup matches, but pointed out that teams need to find problems. "We must see that some of the gold medals are insufficient. Because the World Cup in the first half of the year is not yet qualified for the Olympic Games, the importance of different countries is not the same, some foreign experts have not yet appeared, and some opponents are relatively weak."

In fact, although the Chinese team has won a lot of gold medals in several World Cup matches, their opponents have also played well. "Belgium's uneven bar player Deville scored 6.4, the arrangement was relatively new, and the finished quality and ornamental quality were relatively high. We must pay attention to such opponents in the Chinese team's traditional strengths. Greek ring Olympic champion Elef Sergios showed a high level of athleticism at the Baku station, and the degree of difficulty has improved. These are a wake-up call for us. The male pommel Chinese Taipei player Li Zhikai also has a set of unique features, all completed by Thomas. Although the score is not as high as ours, there are few demerit points, which has also attracted our attention.” The Asian Games and World Championships in the second half of the year are the “tests”. Examining opponents through the World Cup Series is also the title of the contest. meaning.

"We must keep a clear head, can not be complacent, it is important to find through competition lack." Looking to the Asian Games and World Championships in the grim situation, Ye Zhennan that the team needs to have "born suffering" awareness. "This year's Asian Games will be the first time that the China-Japan men's team will meet after the Rio Olympic Games. The Japanese team's old players Nakamura Hirabayashi, Tanaka Youken, and Kato Lingpin will participate in some games this year. Their young players will grow up very quickly. Nogomura Nogo received the men's all-around gold medal at the Birmingham Station, and the Sino-Japanese matchups at the Asian Games are bound to be wonderful.” If the men’s squad’s struggle between China and Japan is obvious, then the women’s team battle is even more complicated. "The challenge faced by the Chinese women's team in this Asian Games may be the biggest one in history. Japan's Murakami Moai won the championship at the World Championships last year, and he also performed very well in the United States this year. North Korea also has two youngsters. The players showed certain strength in their traditional strong horse-jumping and free exercise.” The main team members Mao Yi, Fan Yilin, and Li Qi have seen some injuries recently, which increases the difficulty of team preparation. "Lacking of Wang Hao, our original weak points are more vaulted and free will be even weaker. Mao Yi and Fan Yilin's injury has caused us to stretch out our recruits. Therefore, we must grasp the training behind and strive for better staffing."

Difficult, high quality, and high stability are the goals that the national gymnastics team is now pursuing. “We are now pursuing the 'three highs' of health, not the 'three highs' of obesity. In the past, we may have made a fuss about high-level issues, such as the high difficulty of the Olympic Games in Rio, but the lack of quality and stability. Nothing can show competitiveness."

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