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- Mar 28, 2018 -

"The World Cup is about to begin!" After Spain defeated Argentina 6-1, the Spanish newspaper "Aspen" hit such a title. The newspaper stated that Spain had historically swept Argentina, Isco's carnival, and hat-trick, while Costa, Tiago and Asperth have scored goals. For Argentina, this is a huge blow.

Messi did not play this game, as if the game had less sugar, caffeine and heat. However, this is not the case. The two sides have started to fight and Argentina has reached the limit. However, in the current situation, Spain is unattainable for Argentina. Isco released himself, Assencio was awesome, Iniesta was cheering, Pique was dazzling, and Tiago, Aspasi and all the other players were excellent. While Argentina did not have Messi as an orphan, Sampooli wanted to make the team flash, but found himself a player with a lot worse than Lopeticji's. Spanish fans are hoping that the team can repeat such a feast in Russia with air track beam.

"Marca" said that this match proved that Messi needs Spain more than Spain needs Messi. Spain defeated Argentina without Messi. Without this superstar, Argentina became small. This victory allowed the Spanish team to have a good dream and have a win. 6 goals have made Spain a historic victory. Isco took control of the team, and all the players were in step. The team did not feel the effect of Busquets' absence again. There is Isco in Spain. Who wants Messi? Instead, Messi now needs a team like the Spanish team. Spain does not need a player like Messi. Messi left the stands before the game ended, and the Argentine players were virtually no longer on the court air track blower.

The Argentine "Olle newspaper" hit a "tough loss," the title, said that Spain has hit Argentina hard, 6 to 1 score is very ruthless, Messi experienced suffering in the stands. At the start of the World Cup, the performance of the Argentina team was highly worrying. The team played very badly and continued to give gifts in the backcourt. 

The Trumpets said: "The Spanish team has humiliated Argentina in Madrid and this result is like a slap in the face of Argentina. Without Messi, the Argentine team even played in the face of a strong team. The ball will not be."

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