An Interview With The International Gymnastics Federation Choreography Experts Stacy

- Dec 20, 2017 -

8 in the morning, the night is strong.A flight from the capital international airport, across the deep sleep the night sky.The international gymnastics federation certified Canadian international art choreographer experts anastasia ebony ended her trip to China, to make the next journey.
"Please call me stacy!"The first meeting, she always introduce yourself - although her social account, or her name.
She said that she is more like the name.Now, in addition to her mother called her "anastasia", others have called her "stacy".
From choose joy, warm up to the choreography, a tight black dress, wearing a metal glasses stacy in just 10 days, to five Chinese girl respectively arranged a set of floor exercise.In the end of the last day of class, stacy joked privately, 46, maybe I really old, the brain and body are tired a bit stiff.
Stacy's sister Stella had participated in the Barcelona Olympic Games, opened a home gym.Affected by the family, as a dancer she became involved in gymnastics teaching at the age of 14, has been more than 30 years.In her view, the dance is the most important thing - look for the soul.
"You want to use the soul to feel the music, music of" breathing ", "the heart", then your body, into the music."Stacy said.
In China, stacey felt very different from western culture: Chinese girls often dexterity and inside collect, however this in advocating power and expression, floor exercise in the field of western aesthetic for the mainstream, is not dominant.
State general administration of sports training authority gym, stacy reiterated a word: relax.
"Remember: referees are human.And the most incredible thing is: human can read other people's body language.So be sure to relax, feel the mood music, and then use your body."
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