Analysis Of The Women's Gymnastics

- Dec 14, 2017 -

We talked in front of the pregnant women's physical and mental benefits of a pregnant woman gymnastics, below us detailed to tell pregnant women gymnastics practice, and some caveats.


Parallel to the standPregnant women stood on the inflatable gymnastics mats, stood back against the wall, the whole body close to the walls, open your feet and shoulder are the same as wide, knees and toes remain parallel.As far as possible to reduce the gap between the waist and wall, such as difficult, feet can be moved forward to 20 cm distance from the wall.Then considerate to live on the walls, squat down to the knee and a half.Then slowly back to the original posture.So practice.


Calf stretchesPregnant women lie in the air floor is supine posture, raise your knees, and raised up one leg straight, maintain this pose, tiptoe tense and relax, take up again, to relax, so repeated several times.Then bend your knees, legs slowly back to the original position.Then in the other leg.So practice.


The leg activityAround the knees together, overturned.Two legs rotation, curved legs, overturned outward.Early and late do 5 ~ 10 times each.The foot movementSitting in the back of a chair chair and keep your back straight, legs are vertical with the ground state, arch on the ground;Then the instep stretched straight, toes down, make your knee, ankle and instep into a straight line.


Alternating feet do the action.Sit cross-legged movementSitting cross-legged, back straight, hands on knees, by hand press the every breath, again and again.Early and late do 3 minutes each.The waist movementPregnant women lie low is on the inflatable mat, the body assumes the supine position, bend your knees, with the waist wide.His arms unbend, palm down, on your side.


Exhale, side stand the waist, maintain this pose, after inhaling while silently count 5, then exhale while slowly down the waist.So practice.The waist to reverseStanding together after your knees, slowly down to the left (about 45 degrees), maintain this pose and silently count to five.Then return to the original position, and then to the right on.So repeated several times.The waist stretchedHead slightly elevated, back slowly pressing down on them.Then head slightly low, arch on the back.So repeat 5 times.

Since after five months pregnant.Some matters should be paid attention to when motion editing


1, mothers-to-be exercise heart rate cannot be too fast, try not to exceed the maximum heart rate.Maximum heart rate = (220 - age) x 60%.Expectant mothers in the movement, such as dizziness, nausea, or fatigue, etc., should immediately stop motion;Such as abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, etc., check to the hospital in time.

2, clothing should be loose and comfortable, light shoes to fit;Sports keep hydrated, prevent collapse;Be sure to keep warm, so as not to catch a cold;The best exercise in the air is fresh, tree-lined, the maternal and fetal health of body and mind are helpful.

3, Inflatable air track should not be hard, is generally 3 to 4 pressure is advisable.

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