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- Apr 03, 2018 -

The "National Gymnastics Department of Hong Kong," sponsored by the Hong Kong Gymnastics Federation of China and co-organized by the Home Affairs Bureau, concluded at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai yesterday afternoonair floor inflatable boat. More than 80 gymnastic elites from the Mainland and gymnasts in Hong Kong have performed again. They have brought unforgettable performances to the people of Hong Kong. They have made the audience stunned, smashed, and endless. The atmosphere at the scene was very enthusiastic. A live audience expressed that it is hoped that the Chinese gymnastics team will be able to perform again in Hong Kong. 

Before the show began, the percussive silver band and the band composed of elementary and middle school students took the lead in warming up. After that, they performed the national anthem ceremony and accompanied the band orchestra. The singing was performed by an elementary school girl. After the ceremony, the performance began. Hong Kong athletes such as Huang Xiaoying, Wu Enyan, and Zheng Lizhen jointly performed together and took the lead in starting the performance. The audience gave enthusiastic applause to local athletes to express their support. The 2015 parallel champion of the World Championships and the Chinese contestant You Hao played the lead of the pommel horse. Just after they played, they attracted cheers from the audience. Then the men’s four-person skill gymnastics were welcomed on the spot. The champion of the 2016 World Championships and the Chinese players Shi Liuming and Zhang Teng , Zhou Jiaxuan and Li Xin brought shocking performances to the audience. “Pyramant” was just a small move. I saw three players throwing the lightest teammates from the air to four or five meters high and making airborne moves. 360-degree turns and tumbling turns and other ultra-high difficulty movements, and then easily stabilize it, the audience was stunned, from the heart and issued bursts of cheering and warm applause, four people deserve the championship. The finale was the pommel horse parade competition. Yu Haolian teammates Lin Chaopan, Zhang Chenglong, Deng Shudi and Hong Kong players Xia Shuhui and Wu Jialuo each divided into three teams to compete. The audience calculated the number of times for the two groups of players and the atmosphere was very high. Although it is known as a contest, it is not important for gymnasts and gymnasts in both places to enjoy personal interaction and exchange. In the end, all the Chinese team’s athletes performed a big show. The athletes from both places called back and thanked the audience. The show successfully concluded.Hope to come to Hong Kong again.

After the performance, the audience greeted the audience with excitement. Miss Zhu said: “Every show is very nice and it is very exciting and memorable to be able to watch the gymnast's performance.”

Mr. Li said: "The gymnasts in the two places are very powerful and the performances are wonderful. I hope that the next time the Chinese gymnastics team can come to Hong Kong again."

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