Children's Basic Gymnastics Training Experience

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Children's basic gymnastics is specially designed for 4 to 6 years old children choreography of aerobics, from the most simple formation change, the most basic setting-up exercises action, action skills, artistic gymnastics and dance movements.Children's basic gymnastics in the form of team performance, melting gymnastics basic movements, rhythmic gymnastics, dance movements, formation transform into an organic whole, brain-storming and simple operating light equipment as the main form of basic gymnastics.Its performance in 12 meters across the floor exercise field, and cooperate with the beautiful music.Because of the children's basic gymnastics show and competition have specific requirements, so the complete set movement arrangement must conform to the requirements of the rules. 

4 to 6 years old children is at the time of most rapid brain development and the best period of intellectual development, also is the beginning of the bone and muscle development, bone poor robustness, but the elastic strong bones, joints, high flexibility, suitable for some soft swinging movements.In layout of complete sets of movements, should choose to suit children's movement and the content of these characteristics, such as can choose various walk, run, jump, and bridge, kicking, body wave and so on, at the same time pay attention to the arrangement of symmetry, flexibility, flexibility for the development of children's body.

Practice gymnastics young children should avoid those difficult action skills, such as leg support, head upside down, and your breath still do harm to the healthy growth of children, such as action.Want to cultivate children to bear hardships and stand hard work, the ability of self challenge, let them like physical exercise at an early age.

An appropriate gymnastics mat can help children have a variety of flexible gymnastics movement, also can protect children in children.Inflatable gymnastics mat can be very good support and protection, general instrument is indispensable to the baby gym.

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