Chinese Women Gymnasts Us Full Harvest

- Dec 30, 2017 -

American west des moines xinhua) (reporter wang group min) snow outside the window, indoor dynamic.Women in China, under the guidance of coach Wang Qunce December four Chinese gymnastics has arrived at the American west des moines, Iowa popular co-captain gymnastics dance school, close to feel the way and the atmosphere of the club's training, harvest a lot.
"For the Chinese gymnastics team, the club for training in the United States is the first time.This can have the opportunity to personally feel the American gymnastics training method and the mass base, can better understand why the American gymnastics can be so strong."Wang Qunce said.
Popular co-captain gymnastics dance school, the founder of the popular co-captain with Chinese gymnastics origins, under both contribute to and Chinese women members, ms liu, Chen Yile, Li Qi and GuanChenChen in December solstice here yesterday, and the United States gymnastics athletes training together.At the same time, there are eight other members of the Chinese women's gymnastics team training in California, they are the backbone of the Chinese women's gymnastics for the Tokyo Olympic Games.
According to Wang Qunce, American gymnastics in the last ten years, progress very quickly, the first from extensive mass base and rooted in the community of club training and competition system.Wang Qunce said, with thousands of large and small gymnastics club in the United States, there are a lot of parents are willing to bear the children take part in the gymnastics training, only the Iowa state can nearly one thousand people participate in gymnastics competition, coupled with the family of the major events in the gymnastics competition is often the local.
"Gymnastics training of China and the United States the biggest difference is the difference between professional sports and community sports, maybe we some MaoJian players on some projects, but the United States in addition to have MaoJian players, the pyramid tower and Kentucky has a large reserve of talents, in part, on the same age group, at talent pool is far out of reach in China, I'm very envy."Wang Qunce said.
Wang Qunce said that China is experiencing by sports country to sports power forward, sports management system reform is one of the most important driving force.China's gymnastics training and management methods have advantages and disadvantages, learn from the training system, can complement each other.In Wang Qunce point of view, China's gymnastics training hardware facilities are much better than that of the United States, but American children training initiative than Chinese athletes, the reason is very simple, is the child is purchasing training.
"From a technical perspective, the United States and China's gymnastics training is similar, but more emphasis on strength training and limb training here in the United States, members of their team are stronger, moreover is the bigger difference, the United States athletes is I want to practice, practice, we may have more to me," ms liu said, "this time the training to the United States, felt the U.S. athletes practice is also very hard, for the champion is well worth the desire of seeking and active training Chinese athletes to learn."
"The Chinese women's gymnastics is experiencing low, although has technical advantages, but has a tendency to decline, for China's gymnastics coaches, some concept is deeply ingrained, but China's gymnastics people aware of the problem, the two countries is necessary between the cultural and sports exchanges, learn from each other, complement each other.These new idea will eventually lead to the Chinese gymnastics also opened a new chapter."Popular co-captain said.
In China TiCaoJie Wang Qunce spelled several decades also said that the the training system of China and the United States have different length, he will take the training of learning outcomes back to home, to help Chinese gymnastics."If you can in the original system, inject the advantages of school gymnastics and community in the United States gymnastics, that's better."Wang Qunce said.
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