Colin’s Story

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Colin was once a professional gymnast and has worked in the gymnastics team for over eight years. Her years of gymnastics training and competition have allowed Colin to fully integrate into the gym. In a way gymnastics has become part of Colin's life. After retiring from Colin, Colin joined a large gymnastics training center and acted as head coach of the abacus training center. Previous training and competition experience enabled Colin to recognize that the gym mat must be replaced by a protective sponge mat Not only the flexibility of handling is very poor inconvenient, but the service life is very short, in general, ordinary sponge cushion after two years of use will not be able to support higher strength training programs.

Where Colin was the most distressed to look for alternatives to the old sponge training mat, Dasan had found him and introduced and demonstrated to him the latest Gym Training Pad, which is an inflatable raw material made from PVC and Drawing, the user can according to the needs of their training programs by adjusting the pressure of the gymnastics mat to have different elastic strength. This gym mat is extremely easy to maintain and carry, with less than 0.1 cubic meters of air evacuation and an adult plus a home-style car that can be transported anywhere. Gym mat life can reach 15 years. Colin initially purchased only one set of samples and in less than two weeks he recommended to the owner of the gymnastics training center that all training pads be replaced with the latest inflatable gymnastic pads. A month later, all gymnastics training pads have been replaced. Colin gymnastic training center is now the most advanced gymnastics training center both locally and in the surrounding area. Many parents are far away from home and are willing to send their children to this gymnastic training Center. Three days ago we received the latest news from Colin that their training center is far out of reach for trainees and is ready to open another new Gymnastics Training Center that is twice as big as the existing training center The latest and most suitable product but also for the development of the customer's business is also strong support for all gymnastics gym Colin only pay 50% can be paid, the other costs can be paid after the profit.

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