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- May 05, 2018 -

In the spring of 1969, it was collated and excavated on the southern slope of Wuyingshan in the northern suburbs of Jinan City, Shandong Province.

Gymnastics Atlas

Gymnastics Atlas

 14 Han tombs. In the unearthed cultural relics, a plate of music and dance and acrobatics in the Western Han Dynasty was discovered. There are four gymnastics performances in this group. Two of them are symmetric and do two. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo was inspired by animals to develop "Five Animal Shows." Although designed for the purpose of physical health, his graceful movements can already be seen in gymnastics.

After the Tang and Song dynasties, the gymnastics movement developed further. There were two-person and collective movements, and many complicated movements and acrobatics combined.

As for gymnastics, as far back as the Eastern Han Dynasty, folks in our country had a “strength to work”, which is very similar to modern gymnastics. Modern gymnastics originated in the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, there were gymnastics schools in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, etc. They not only promoted the further development of gymnastics, but also laid the foundation for the formation of modern gymnastics. In 1952, the Helsinki Olympic Games listed gymnastics as an official event.



The modern gymnastics movement was introduced to China after the Opium War of 1840, when the gymnastics movement was very backward and there was no mass gymnastic activity. At the end of the late Qing Dynasty, there was a gymnastics class in the "Occidental School", schools in the reform and development of the reformists, and the curriculum standards for the reform of the bourgeoisie during the period of the Revolution of the Republic of China, as comprehensive development in education or human rights, and the development of national salvation. Urgently required, it can be said that the predecessor of today's physical education class. However, only a nationwide gymnastic performance with incomplete projects was held during the Third National Games in 1924 for several decades. Gymnastics have become a specialized sports competition activity, especially as a competitive gymnastics, and have undergone a period of development and improvement. Taking the Olympic Games as an example, the 1st Athens Olympic Games in 1896 established pommel horses, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bars, as well as climbing ropes. However, there is no free exercise program and only men's gymnastics.

In the future Olympic Games, gymnastics competitions have added gymnastics, such as fire sticks (later changed to light gymnastics), Swedish gymnastics, and European gymnastics. At the 10th Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932, free gymnastics was added, which allowed athletic gymnastics to take shape. At the 11th Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, gymnastics actually formed six men's competitions; light gymnastics, Swedish, and European gymnastics were eliminated from men's gymnastics competitions. The Olympic Games also set up women's gymnastics competitions, but the perfection and finalization of the women's competitions was completed at the 17th Rome Olympic Games in 1960.

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