FIG Man Technical Committee Meeting Held The Last This Year

- Dec 18, 2017 -

"Next year will be a very busy season.In addition to a series of World Cup RACES, and youth Olympic Games and world gymnastics championships in doha.The qualifier of the 2020 Olympic Games also beginning as early as next year."Man technology committee chairman Mick has, in four days after the meeting, told reporters in FIG headquarters in lausanne. 

Man in the FIG technical committee, is also for the 2018 world gymnastics championships group D referee draw opportunities and international major events in 2018 technology on behalf of the candidate.For the games of the 2018 and 2020 youth Olympic referees selection, is also the main topics for the meeting to discuss.Also examined the world gymnastics championships and world university games during this year's new difficult movements. 

There is another important issue during the meeting.Is Andrew card, Finland, he in the men's technical committee has been 12 years.Once won the 1997 world championships in the high bar project gold medal, he work for the FIG man's technical committee has made a tremendous contribution.He is level of FIG international referees and worked as a "athletes committee chairman for seven years. 

"I want to Andrew card make great contribution and support to technical committee, said heartfelt thanks!He in three Olympic Games cycle, has been busy working on behalf of the athletes.Men in three different technical committee under the leadership of chairman, is always committed to solve all kinds of problems!" 

"Card within the technical committee and athletes in his office on behalf of the committee, will always be for all of his work provides a constructive opinions and Suggestions and height."The FIG technical coordinator and FIG man technology committee chairman, bout before cutting is so praise Andrew card. 

Andrew card, the current position is executive committee member of FIG.His position will be another horizontal world champion - into silver-medal position (Slovenia).It was during the 2017 world championships, produced by voting by a representative of the athletes.

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