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- Apr 15, 2018 -

Since the Melbourne station was the first race in 2018, winning a good start was the consistent goal of the Chinese team. However, when they came to Australia, some Chinese athletes appeared to be in an uphill position and their physical condition was affected. However, each athlete strove to overcome the difficulties and eventually completed the game well.

In the early morning of February 24, Beijing time, the gymnastics World Cup Melbourne Station ended the first-day singles finals. In the first of a total of five projects, the Chinese team played well. In the women's uneven bars and men's rings project won the championship runner-up, Ge Shihao won the men's free gymnastics runner-up, Liu Jinru won the women's vault fifth, Weng Hao won the men's saddle horse seventh name.

In the women's uneven bar final, Du Siyu, a teenager from Beijing, took out a difficult full set of action for the Tianjin National Games last year. The D score was as high as 6.200, which was far higher than other players. Although in the game Beijing Gore had a little problem and a little more than 540 twists, E scored only 7.566 points, still with super-high difficulty points, with a total score of 13.766 points to win. This is also the first time that Du Siyu has won the world championship and the Chinese gymnastics team has added another world champion! Another Chinese player, Chen Yile, scored 6.000 points and ranked second among all players. In the game, Chen Yile made a mistake and made two new links in the E group + Qu Ye. The score was only 7.133 points and the finals was 13.133 points. As the all-around champion of the Tianjin National Games, Chen Yile's main purpose is to train new difficulties and complete new sets of experiments. It should be said that the purpose of exercise has been achieved. Australian player Brown finished third with a total score of 12.100.

In the men's ring finals, two Chinese contestants Ma Yue and Wu Guanhua played well and won the championship and second place. Wu Guanhua took 6.200 points with the highest difficulty, and he played smoothly in the finals. The final score reached 8.533 points, a total of 14.733 points. Another Chinese competitor, Ma Yue, despite having a D score of only 6.100, fell behind Wu Guanhua, but Ma Yue played well in the finals and the action was clean. E score reached 8.700 points, and the total score was overtaken by 14.800. Japan's Takeda Ryo has won the third place with a D score of 5.900, an E score of 8.533 and a total score of 14.433.

In the men's free gymnastics finals, Ge Shihao, a Chinese player who intended to attack the gold medal, was physically affected and finished second with 13.933 points. After coming to Australia, Ge Shihao was uncomfortable. He had not eaten for a few days. He still couldn't eat anything on the day of the final. Gershon D scored 6.000 points, ranking second in all players. Australia's Rem Kos, whose D score was as high as 6.800, made a major mistake. The E score was only 4.400 points, and the total score was only 11.200 points, only eighth place. Ge Shihao overcomes the difficulty of physical discomfort. Although there have been some minor mistakes, E still scored 8,033 points, and the total score was 13.933 points. Although Japan's Takeda Liangzhi had only 5.600 points in the D score, his set of moves was in place. E score was 8.333 points and the total score was 13.933 points. According to the rule of breaking the bisector, whoever's E score is higher, then the total score is higher. Therefore, Japanese player Takeda Liang won the gold medal, and Ge Shihao regretted being the runner-up. Lithuania's Tver Rogal took third place with a total score of 13.633.

In the women's Vault Finals, Liu Jinru, a Chinese teenager who had an injury to the game, did not choose the difficulty of the attack in order to be safe. In the end, she finished fifth with 13.499 points. Slovenia's Tegasa scored a gold medal with a total score of 13.800 points. Australian native Emily finished second with 13.699 points. India's Aruna played well and finished third with a total score of 13.649 points.

In the men's pommel horse final, Chinese player Weng Hao was more powerful in impacting medals. His D score reached 6.000 points, ranking third in all players. However, Weng Hao made another mistake in the finals, once again exposed the weaknesses of psychological instability, E points only get 6.400 points, scored only 12.400 points, and ultimately ranked seventh. Kazakhstan's Korbanov scored 6.300 points, ranking first. In the finals, he played well, with a score of 8.633 and a total score of 14.933. Chinese Taipei player Li Zhikai, despite the difficulty of only 6.000, tied for third place with Weng Hao, but he played exceptionally well in the finals, action in place, all in one go, E points reached the highest 8.833 points, with a total score of 14.833 points runner-up. Australia's Remuskos finished third with a score of 5.800 for D, a score of 7.600 for E, and a score of 13.400.

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