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- Apr 20, 2018 -

The 2018 Doha World Cup Series was held in Doha on March 21st - 24th. The 48th World Gymnastics Championships will be held in Doha in October 2018. In order to adapt to venues and equipment in advance, some Olympic and world champions and other masters have participated in this World Cup series. As a result, this tournament was the most attended and highest level in the World Cup series hosted by the FIG so far this year. Such as male athletes are: Japan's Keichi Nakamura, China's Xiao Ruo Teng, Zou Jingyuan, Ukrainian Radivilov and Croatia's Sepik (2017 World Championship horizontal bar champion), etc.; female athletes are: Chuo Suo Wei Jin Na ( Uzbek, Deval (Belgium) and so on. Therefore, the high level of competition and fierce competition are also reasonable.

The Japanese team dispatched three other first-line athletes led by Almighty King, Nakamura Hirofumi (pommel horse, rings, vault, and horizontal bar): Himeji Yumoto (rings and parallel bars), Kato Lingpin (floor exercise, pommel horse). , parallel bars and horizontal bar) and Sato Qiao (floor exercise and vault). The results of the game make people stunned. First, none of the four project competitions that Uchimura Hirabayashi participated in entered the final. This is also the tragic failure that he has not experienced in international competitions during his ten years of gymnastics career. All other three participating athletes were not satisfied with their respective strengths and were not satisfied. Only Sato Qiao won a bronze medal for a free gymnastics project. The Japanese team saved a little face, and the others were all missing. Its results: 1 copper (floor exercise) 1 fourth (floor exercise), 5th (parallel bars), 2nd 6th (rings and parallel bars), 7th (horizontal bar) and 8th place (Pommel horse). This is also the worst performance of the Japanese team in this year’s international competition organized by the FIG.

In particular, Nakamura Hirabayashi said that his four performances and rankings were in the qualifying round: Pommel 19th, Ring 10th, Vault Preliminary 9th and Horizontal Bar 10th. It is a substitute for the three items to qualify for the finals. However, in the end it has not been able to enter any of the finals. This is in terms of Uchimura Hirabayashi's unprecedented and embarrassing situation in his gymnastics career in international competitions. In fact, it is fair to say that the performance of the first comeback of Kenshin Uchimura's recovery from the technical level is still remarkable. He is an all-around athlete and his strengths are: free gymnastics, parallel bars and horizontal bars. He has won a world championship in these three projects. However, in this competition, he did not participate in floor exercise and parallel bars. The goal of the first game is to seek stability, safety and play. Of the four projects, except that the Pommel Project has serious mistakes and the bar is a little paralyzed, other play is still within the normal range. After the match, Nakamura Hirabayue told reporters: “The usual training is very good, that is, my emotions are not in the best condition. The grounds of this game are good, but I feel I can't exert my abilities. The injury does indeed have an effect on me. With some influence, I was cautious about performance. After I went back, I had to look closely at the video of the competition and focus on the weaknesses." "The dead camel is better than Martha", or do not underestimate the strength of 29-year-old Hun Ping in the all-around project ! Kato Ling Ping, who had high hopes for his visit, observed the performance of the two years in the international arena and made the Japanese gymnastics community disappointed. The four projects he participated in only won a bronze medal in floor exercise. The other two players were also mistakes frequented in their respective strengths and missed the medal!

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