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- Apr 26, 2018 -

"If you score, it's about 70 points." In the Melbourne World Cup gymnastics competition held recently, Chen Yile won the balance wood gold medal and uneven bars silver medal for the first time in adult international competition, but did not give himself a high score.

"I cherish training opportunities, but I'm not very satisfied with my performance. After all, the masters haven't come, just like myself and myself." It seems that playing with masters can stimulate Chen Yile's pride. In fact, she scored a high score in the game from the balance of the wood 6.3, this year is a set of the highest degree of difficulty of the project in several World Cup matches this year.

"From a referee's point of view, the feeling of movement and opening of the movement are still not very good." Although only 16 years old, Chen Yile showed a calm character that was inconsistent with his age. “Originally Lai Qi also went to the game. She was not injured accidentally. Her balance beam is very powerful. She did not belong to me.” The little girl was very humble and felt that her teammates were her role models. "Ting-ting (Liu Tingting) got two gold medals when she first participated in the World Cup, so I don't think I was good enough. This time winning the championship is not because I am strong, but because I am inferior to my opponent."

Chen Yile had made a name for himself at the Tianjin National Games last year. He won the women's all-around championship at a young age. From the teens to the adulthood, the young girl achieved seamless integration. Speaking of this year's goal, Chen Yile wanted to “see the world” and participate in the Asian Games and World Championships to achieve a good result. Mainly want to fight all-around, because I have four more balanced. ”

The comprehensive technique is the strength of Chen Yile, and the performance of dance is a short board. She is working hard for it. "When I was a child, I hated dancing a lot and I had a headache when I was a student." When you say it, Chen Yile is a bit embarrassed. “Usually, the team arranged for dance lessons for us. I always wanted to dance well before class. But when the teacher taught me, I discovered that I was slow to learn. I couldn’t always do the action. Maybe the teacher would compare. Angry. I also have a headache. I feel like the head is so big." The cute little girl has a bigger range than her body to describe her "big head" state. "I have poor coordination and will only take action. My hand is also born with bones bent. When I was a child, the coach thought I couldn't use it. In fact, I couldn't straighten out."

Although it is an all-around player, Chen Yile does not feel hard for training. “The main players are not as easy as I am. I can also adjust everything. As Fan Fanjie (Fan Yilin) is working on the uneven bars, the skin is very severe and she can continue to do it. If it is I may not be able to stand it. , I admire her.” Looking at his teammates are so hard, Chen Yile would not dare to be lazy. This embarrassed little girl knows that the ladder of success is diligence. "If you relax yourself, you will not improve. It will be uncomfortable to watch others progress without progress."

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