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- Apr 18, 2018 -

If the process of gymnastics players winning a gold medal is likened to “gold rushing”, the children who have been brushed off for various reasons are sand, and only the gold that eventually wins the gold medal is gold. It's good to be able to be a gold to be accepted by everyone, but what about those "sands"? Can they silently endure the pain of being abandoned? Of course, you can say that all the sands have the potential to become gold. You don’t risk the elimination of the sand. You know how you can't shine? However, after all, people are different from sand. Sand has no life. Even if it is lost, people are different. Especially for children who are growing up, time will not go backward. Delaying time means delaying youth and killing the future.

The person who has achieved the championship dream can be described as having a fascinating scenery and fame and fortune, but for most of the children, it is beyond reach and still has to return to ordinary life. If children who have been eliminated by physical education cannot integrate into normal life, their future will be full of uncertainty. In other words, sending children to sports schools means that parents and sports schools are always betting their children on an unknown future.

Accepting ordinary education can at least allow the vast majority of them to gain the ability to survive in society. Some children who are gifted and interested in certain aspects may pass special training to make achievements in this area. However, such training must not be based on "gamble."

If you can not do a good job with the ordinary school in the cultural and educational docking, and blindly send children into sports schools, to compete for a probability of no more than the lottery ticket dreams, this is irresponsible to children. Therefore, we must change the existing training mode of sports personnel, change the focus on skills training, and ignore the status of learning in the cultural class. Not only should sports personnel have developed limbs, but they must also have developed brains. In this way, when the best of them leaves the sports world, they will not be able to do nothing but work without a shower. What's more important is to make those children who have been eliminated successfully enter the track of ordinary people's lives and regain their position in life.

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