Gymnastics Action Three

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Roll over

One of the gymnastics moves. Refers to the trunk in turn touch the ground or equipment, but also after the head of the flip action. Rolling forward (action forward) and roll back (action backward). Is one of the elements of gymnastics training.Air floor mat is a good mat that ensure users to do this action.

Swing action

A gymnastics action. Refers to the force through the muscles, changing the relative position of various parts of the human body parts of the movement speed deployment and combination of the human body to produce an action shift. According to the characteristics of the movement of various parts of the deployment of the body can be divided into large swing, flexion and extension, loop and so on, is the most equipment gymnastics, the most complex changes in a class of action. Conducive to the sense of rhythm of training movements, improve the coordination of the body, enhance muscle strength and space for three degrees of orientation. Air floor mat have a good quality. 


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