Gymnastics Competition Rules Points

- Feb 09, 2018 -

In order to adapt to and promote the development of gymnastic techniques, the Gymnastics Federation's Technical Committee revises the rules of gymnastics every four years. More and more gymnastics training use inflatable air track air floor gymnastics mats inflatable air beam.In 1997 canceled the provisions of the action game, only the optional action game.

The game is divided into four types:

Group and Individual Qualification (Category I)

National Olympic Committees may send in teams or individuals consisting of 4-6 athletes. In each project competition, each team sent 5 players to play, take 4 best results as the project results, the project results together as a group score. Gymnastics called 6-5-4 system. This is a crucial competition that decides to qualify for group finals, individual all-around finals and individual finals. The first match results did not bring the finals.

Individual All-Around Final (Race II)

The top 24 athletes who won all-around in the group and individual qualifiers participated in the competition. All-around final results to determine the all-around ranking.

Single Finals (Type III)

Athletes from each of the top 8 individual qualifiers in the group and individual qualifiers participated in the individual finals. The individual finals to determine the individual champion.

Team Finals (Category IV)

The top eight in the group and individual qualifying teams qualify for the tournament. On each project, each team sent three athletes to compete: that is, 6-3-3 was used for the competition, and each of the three scores for each project was credited to the group performance. Team championship results determined by the group.

Competition, athletes should wear standard gym clothes, the team dress uniform. In the pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and horizontal bar competition, athletes must wear trousers, gym shoes (or socks). Men's athletes wear shorts and bare feet in floor exercise and vault competitions. Athletes wear vests in all competitions. Women athletes shall not pass through small exposed and transparent gym clothes, do not wear jewelry. All athletes must wear the number. If any violation, will be deducted the corresponding score.

Athletes before the game, should be kept upright posture, to raise his hand gestures, the green light or hear the signal within 30 seconds after the device must be. A set of actions over, stand up and immediately leave the game stage. After the action is over, the athlete is not allowed to re-enter the stage.

In order to avoid injuries, mentally support athletes, in the men's horizontal bars, rings, parallel bars and vault competitions, there may be a coaching staff standing near or on-site equipment for protection. When a woman gymnast is playing, the trainer must adjust the stick on the race table or the uneven bar. After the balance beam moves the springboard, she must leave the race table immediately.

The referee is the magistrate in the game. Lottery decision referee division of labor. Referees serve on the basis of the referee's test scores. Referee to participate in the match all the referee will watch the match training. At least one hour before the race to reach the venue and carefully prepared for the pre-game.

Men's referee wear gray pants, dark blue shirt, light-colored shirt tie. Women's referee wear dark blue suit skirt, white shirt. Referee shall not leave his seat during the game, not with others, not with coaches, athletes conversation. Referee according to the scoring rules quickly and accurately record and judge all the action of the athletes, according to the format correctly fill in the score sheet to ensure that their score is accurate.

Referees, such as contempt for scoring rules, intentionally favoring or disparaging a team or an athlete, repeatedly appear too high or too low, fail to comply with the relevant requirements and discipline of the competition, fail to attend the relevant meetings, Request, will be punished.

In the men's and women's competitions, both A and B referee scores athlete's action. A referee group according to the content of a set of athletes to determine the "A" points. "A" points include:

Take athletes complete set of actions with the best nine moves a total of 10 actions to calculate the value of its difficulty. The most difficult man's action for the F group, the most difficult woman's action for the G group. In all competitions, the difficulty scores for the complete sets of men's and women's events are as follows:

Action group: A B C D E F G

Action Score: 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7

A referee group also under the special provisions of different projects to calculate the connection value of the action. In the calculation of the value of the difficulty of the 10 actions, the A referee will give a bonus of 0.5 for each action group that completes the action. In addition to vault, the complete set of actions must have a satisfactory under the law.

B referee group to determine the "B" points, "B" points from 10 points to 0.1 points for deductions. The "B" points include:

The art of complete action and the completion of mistakes, technical and orchestration errors. When the action is completed artistic and technical bias, to be deducted points. Points deducted with a certain action or a set of actions has nothing to do with the difficulty.

Small wrong deduction 0.1 points

The wrong button 0.3 points

Great mistake 0.5 points

Fall 0.8 points deduction

The art of points, the completion of the wrong points and techniques, the wrong arrangement of the wrong track summary, and deducted from 10 points, the score is the last "B" points.

Points "A" and "B" are added together as the final score for a set of moves. The final score of a few cases no more than 10 points.

Free exercise

A man action set in 70 seconds, the woman completed in 90 seconds. The layout of the floor exercise should take full advantage of the entire venue. Women's floor exercise requires musical accompaniment. Athletes must close their legs, stand in the free exercise ground, and then start making sets of action. The score for a set of actions starts with the first action of the athlete's foot. Athletes can step on the sidelines, but can not cross the line. When out of bounds, the clerk will be notified in writing to the team leader, the team leader from the final score deducted the corresponding score:

One foot or a hand out of the world deduction 0.1 points;

Feet, hands, feet and a hand or any other part of the body out of bounds, 0.30 points deduction;

Action falls directly outside the bound, deduction 0.50 points;

The action begins outside the world with no difficulty value.

Pommel horse

The main feature of the modern pommel horse complete set of movements is the use of pommel horse all the provisions of the site, with different support posture to complete different full swing swing action (sub-leg or leg), swing and (or) one leg swing. Allows the hand to be upside-down or swivel-free movements, all movements must be completed with the swing, can not have the slightest pause, does not allow the force action or stationary action.

Athletes must start from a standing position, allowing the first move to take a step or jump up the pommel horse. The action score starts with the pommel horse at the hands of the athlete.


A set of rings movements should be roughly equal proportions of swing, strength and static parts. The connection between these movements is accomplished by overhanging, passing or supporting, or by handstand, with the straight arm completing the action. The transition from wobble to rest force or from rest force to wobble is a notable feature of contemporary rings projects. Ring does not allow swing and cross.

The score starts with the first move from the foot of the athlete. The athlete may start the race by standing still and starting the race with the help of the coaching staff in a good resting posture with both hands clasped around the legs to hang them together. Coaches are not allowed to help athletes swing.


Male and female athletes vault up to 25 meters. All vault moves must be done by pushing the vault by hand. After the first vault is over, the athlete should immediately return to the starting position, produce the signal, and then try the second jump.

In the case of men's vaults, athletes must complete a vault in qualifying, team finals and all-around finals. An athlete who wants to qualify for the vault must jump two moves in qualifying, both of which must be movements of different structural groups, and the second vacated move can not be the same.

Before completing each vault move, the athlete must show the group A referee the action number corresponding to that move in the rule. The number plate can be done with the help of others, and the player can not be penalized for any display error.

In the event of one of the following conditions, the Group A referee and the Group B referee produce zero points:

athletes have to help run, stepped on to help the springboard and / or touch the horse without doing action;

run-off, the athletes return to the second run, the jump action is so poor and can not identify or pedal horse;

athletes hold horses twice, that is, one arm or arms; athletes skip no support process, that is, neither hands touch the horse;

The athlete does not drop the ground first, which means that at least one foot must contact the mat before the rest of the body;

athletes deliberately laterally landing;

athletes jumped prohibited the use of the action (sub-leg, the first air vacant flip, the board did a forbidden action);

In the qualifying event, the athlete wants to qualify for the individual finals and in the individual finals, the athlete repeats the first jump in the second jump.

Parallel bars

Modern parallel bars movements are mainly composed of the swing action and the flight action, and through the support and drape changes to reflect the athlete's ability on the project.

Athletes do parallel bars on the law or action before the start of the run, you must stand up from both legs together. Athletes with one hand or both hands touch the lever, it means the action began, both feet started to score off the ground. Swinging one leg when doing the Fa, one step is not allowed, that is, both feet must be off the ground. When doing the Fa, allow the placing of a pedal board on a regular floor mat.

Horizontal bar

A modern horizontal bar action is the athlete to use a variety of grip method to smoothly complete the different length of the swing swing, swivel and flight action.

The athlete must stand still or add aids from the legs close together, jumped grab bar or by others to help on the bar; on the bar after the body stationary or hanging swing, but to maintain a good posture. The score starts when the athlete leaves the ground.

Uneven bars

The referee scores the set of uneven bars by taking the player off the pedal or mat (adding support under the pedal is not allowed). If the athlete made a mistake during the start-up, did not touch the pedals, equipment, or did not go under the instrument, allowing the second run.

Athletes fall equipment to re-equipment (male pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bars the same) to continue to do before the action, allowing 30 seconds off. If the athlete fails to re-instrument within the 30 second time limit, then the maneuver is determined to be complete.

Balance beam

A balance beam action can not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds. The chronograph starts with the athlete's pedal or mat starts and stops when the athlete ends the balance beam complete set of moves in contact with the mat. When the provisions of the time remaining 10 seconds to the first signal, 90 seconds to the second signal. If the law falls under the second signal, it will not be penalized. If the second signal after the law to fall under the law, will determine the overtime action to be deducted:

0.10 seconds for 2 seconds or less

More than 2 seconds button 0.30 points

Athletes fell from the apparatus, the complete set of movements was interrupted, allowing 10 seconds of interruption, the interruption of time is not included in the total time of action. If the athlete fails to rebalance the wood within a 10 second time limit, the kits stop.

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