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- Apr 25, 2018 -

Four years ago at the Commonwealth Games, the English women’s team was the biggest winner without a doubt and won all the gold medals except the balance beam. Claudia Fragapane played a crucial role in this victory. She won the championship of all-around, vault and freestyle. She had intended to reproduce this kind of glory at this year's Commonwealth Games, but unfortunately, she had tears in March and could not compete. Another famous star, Amy Tinkler, also could not participate in the match. She suffered an ankle injury while warming up at the World Cup in Birmingham. Sister Downey is also recovering from injuries. The England team will undoubtedly be a team that relies heavily on young players this year.

The members of this competition include Kelly Simm, who participated in the previous Commonwealth. She is currently the all-around national champion of the United Kingdom.

She participated in the United States Cup this year. She made a score of 7.466 without any obvious mistakes. Extranet commented that if she can improve the technology of her whereabouts, she will have more room for development.

Alice Kinsella, the player who entered the second year of the adult team, Birmingham Station played well and won the all-around bronze medal. Her maturity is crucial to England's winning team gold medal.

Young Lucy Stanhope and Taeja James, this competition is an important exercise. Lucy was very nervous when playing at the Stuttgart World Cup. He played poorly, and the uneven bars and balance beams all fell. Taeja completed his debut at the recent Doha World Cup. He received a free practice of 5.4 to take sixth place. This game is worth looking forward to in the free exercise program.

England's biggest opponent is the Canadian team. Canada’s current lineup is strong, although Rose Woo retired due to injury (she suffered an ankle before the Stuttgart World Cup).

However, the Canadian team's most notable goal is undoubtedly Elsabeth Black, who won the Pan American All-Around Championship and the all-around silver medal in the World Championships last year. She is no doubt anxious for the all-around gold medal of the Commonwealth. She also has this strength. She also hopes to defend the balance of the wood championship.

Comparing Canada and England, the Canadian team seems to have a bigger win. Their team members are more experienced and the overall difficulty is also considerable. If the British team wants to get a gold medal, there cannot be too many mistakes. After all, two of them are new players in the international arena.

The native Australian team has the same team as the Melbourne World Cup. The probability of the Australian team taking bronze is relatively large, but if England plays poorly, the Australian team is also very likely to get a silver medal.

In the Australian team, Rianna Mizzen and Georgia Rose Brown will challenge England's Fenton on the uneven bars project.

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