Gymnastics International Competition Liu Jinru's Vaulting Horse Wins Asian American Teenager Takes Three Gold

- May 07, 2018 -

On the evening of April 15th, Beijing time, the prestigious Jesolo Women's Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament ended in the Italian town of Jesolo. The Chinese team that sent players to the adult and youth groups had a bright spot performance. Liu Jinru scored 14.283 points. He won the adult group vault champion and won her first international championship this year. Yin Sisi won the runner-up in the young group's floor exercise. Filipino-American Emma Marabou won three crowns for all-around, balance beam and floor exercise.

The Jesolo Gymnastics Invitational was established in 2008. It is only a women's event. It has now become an important warm-up match for women's gymnastics outside the World Cup sub-station system. The team members sent by the Chinese team were Guo Fangting, Liu Jieyu, and Liu Jinru, respectively. However, Luo Huan, originally scheduled to be on the list, regretted not playing, and temporarily replaced Qian Xuejia. The four youngsters will be Yin Sisi, He Shucheng, Li Shijia and Wei Yuyuan.

In the first-ending youth group competition, the Chinese team eventually won the fifth place with 150.37 points and the Italian team won the championship with 161.77 points. Russia's Ullazova won the all-around championship with 54.600 points. The Chinese team's best score was Yin Sisi. She scored 12th in the all-around field with 50.300 points. Yin Sisi scored first in the floor exercise preliminaries with 13.767 points.


In the individual finals, Yin Sisi continued her outstanding performance in floor exercise and finished second with 13.700 points. In addition, Yin Sisi scored the unfavorable fifth with 13.700 points. Wei Xiaoyuan scored in the final of the balance beam. Unfortunately, in the finals, he made a mistake and finished seventh. .

In the adult group competition, the Chinese team won fourth place with 152.930 points. The Russian team won the team championship with 159.770 points. The United States team that did not participate in team competitions performed outstandingly on the all-around project. The fifteen-year-old Filipino pedigree, Marabhou, won the championship with 55.868 points. Reagan Smith, who suffered a serious injury at the World Championships last year, finished second with 55.166 points. The best Chinese player was Guo Fangting. She won 17th place with 50.899 points.

In the individual finals, Liu Jinru, who was fifth in the vault jump contest, played well. She eventually won the championship with 14.283 points, pushing against the two main Russian teammen, Melinkova and Afanaseva. At the same time, Guo Fangting, who entered the free gymnastics and uneven bars finals, performed poorly in the finals and finished eighth in the two events. In addition to the all-around championship in Marathon, he also won the balance of wood and floor exercise double crown, the uneven bar champion by the United States players Shi Junikova.

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