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- Mar 29, 2018 -

From the glory of honor to the prison disaster, from the world championship to the “prisoner”, Yang Song’s life is awkward.

In 2009, the men's single jump team gold medal in the trampoline world championships, the men's singles jump gold medal in the 2014 and 2015 trampoline world championships, Yang Song repeatedly built in the arena,gymnastics mat honors the body.

However, indulging in online gambling eventually led him to take the risk of "one room for two," and he was suspected of contract fraud, amounting to 1.13 million yuan. The Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court recently announced the criminal ruling, announcing that the second instance upheld the original verdict. Yang Song was sentenced to 10 years and 4 months.

It is too late to lift a wall of high walls, return to the road, and repent.

Judging from the circumstances disclosed by the court, Yang Song’s tragic ending is not sudden and without warning. In the process of gradually moving toward the abyss of crimes and crimes, there are many opportunities for precipitating and eventually failing to reverse, deeper and deeper. ,Thought-provoking. Yang Song’s case sounded the alarm for athletes, coaches, sports management departments, and sports fans.

Gambling Mo reach out, addiction will be difficult to return. Yang Song was imprisoned for fraud, but the culprit was gambling. When he first sells his property and repays his gambling debts, if the prodigal son returns, he will close his hand and still have the ability to perform. The situation can still be controlled in the context of civil disputes. But he was lucky enough to lose his sense of sensibility and would use the real estate money again for gambling. When the money was astigmatism, he sought help from his superior sports management department, but he concealed the fact that the property had been sold, leading to the astray of “one room, two sales”.

Strike iron to be hot and cure the illness early. According to the person in charge of Yang Song’s upper management department, Yang Songping said quietly that he did not show bad habits. When he was found to have Internet gambling, he was already heavily in debt and hard to clean up. If teammates, coaches, team leaders, etc., can find signs as early as possible, timely reminders and advice, and even higher levels of punishment in due course, may save an outstanding athlete.

The level of the game is high and life is much longer. What determines the quality of medals is the performance on the field, and the factors determining the height and depth of life are much more complex. The athlete's career in the field is only part of his career. Taking every step in life is not easy. It is especially important for athletes to develop good living habits, cultivate noble moral sentiments, and establish an active and healthy public image. Don't let your own mistakes or even crimes make historical footnotes for gold medals that were used in exchange for sweat.

It took more than two months to reach the World Cup in Russia. Some soccer fans will have the bad attitude of “little gambling, entertainment, entertainment” while watching the game. The Yang Song case also reminds these fans not to lose their happiness because others lose.

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