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- Apr 13, 2018 -

Gymnastics World Cup Qatar Doha Station ended the entire preliminaries competition. Chinese players performed well, with 11 athletes entering the eight finals. The men's team Zou Jingyuan entered the three finals with a horizontal bar, a second pommel horse, and a second high in the ring. Xiao Ruo Teng is the first of the parallel bars, the second horizontal bar, and the two finals. Deng Shudi entered the men's parallel bars finals with the third qualifying status in the preliminaries. Huang Mingqi and Qu Ruiyang advanced to the Vault Final with the second and third preliminaries. In terms of women, Liu Jinru entered the finals of Vault and Floor Exercise, and Du Siyu entered the uneven bars final.

As this year's gymnastics world championships are held in Doha, this Doha World Cup is valued by many gymnastic teams and a large number of first-line experts have come to participate. In the men's floor exercise, Sato Qiao of Japan ranked first with 14.866 points. Chinese competitor Deng Shudi played in general. He ranked 10th with 13.900 points and ranked second in the bench. Only the possibility of entering the finals was theoretical.

Chinese Taipei player Li Zhikai performed well. He ranked third in the floor exercise preliminaries, fifth in horse racing, and ranked first in the preliminaries with 15.200 points in the saddle. Chinese team player Zou Jingyuan ranked second in the saddle horse preliminaries at 15.066. Another Chinese player, Xiao Ruteng, was very difficult, but he accidentally dropped the equipment and ranked 11th in the preliminaries with 13.66 points. The preliminary round of the Ukrainian player Lativilov ranked first with 15.066 points, and Zou Jingyuan ranked second with 14.866 points.

Xiao Ruoteng, the parallel bar game performed on the second day, showed his strength. He ranked first in the preliminaries with 14.833 points and Deng Shudi ranked third with 14.500 points. French player Bole ranked second with 14.533 points. The horizontal bar preliminaries were controlled by two Chinese players. Zou Jingyuan was ranked first with a super high score of 16.266, Zou Jingyuan with a difficulty score of 7.0, and score points as high as 9.266. Shaw ift was second with 15.133 points.

The Chinese team, which often avoids vaulting in the world competition, immediately sent Guangxi player Huang Mingqi and Hunan player Qu Ruiyang in the men's jump. Both men are also the runner-up runners-up of the 17th National Games. The two played well in the preliminaries. Huang Mingqi ranked second with 14.616 points and Qu Ruiyang finished third with 14.533 points. Lativilov of Ukraine ranked first with 14.649 points. North Korean star Li Shiguang also participated in this race, but he only ranked 12th in the preliminary round.

For women, Belgium's De Waal ranked first in the uneven bars preliminaries with an absolute advantage of 15.233, and Chinese player Du Siyu ranked fourth with 13.966 points. Uzbekistan's veteran Qiusuo Weijinna ranked first in the women's vault preliminary with 14.283. China's Liu Jinru ranked third with a score of 14.166.

In the second day of the women's freestyle preliminary competition, Liu Jinru ranked fifth in the preliminaries with 13.266 points, and the British player Atayal James was ranked first with 13.533 points. Du Siyu Balance Beam ranks ninth with 12.666 points, theoretically qualifying for the finals. French player Dos Santos ranked first with 13.733 points.

One of the players on the site was eye-catching. He was once a gymnastic all-around player in Wang Neicun. After the heavy injury from the World Championships was withdrawn last year, this was the first time that Neimura returned to the international competition. But it seems that the state is normal. Nakamura is ranked 9th in the Vault Preliminary Heat, 10th in the rings, 10th in the horizontal bar, and 19th in the Pommel. Can not be completely eliminated, can only be said that Uchimura Hiroshi reluctantly won the finals of the three projects to qualify.

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