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- Mar 27, 2018 -

After the end of the competition in the gymnastics World Cup qatar Doha Station, the Chinese team won another gold medal, two silver and one copper. Zou Jingyuan won the Men's Parallel Bar Championships with an overwhelming 16.200 points. Xiao Ruoteng was runner-up. Qu Ruiyang won the men's vault and runner-up. Shaw lost the fifth place in the horizontal bar while trying to make a difficult move. China's other player, Deng Shudi, won third place in the horizontal bar. The Chinese team on this site has won a total of two gold, two silver and two copper. Among them, Zou Jingyuan gets two gold and one copper.

In the men's parallel bars finals, like the preliminaries, Zou Jingyuan's parallel bars opened with two Marcus, and the high difficulty rating of this action was determined. The quality of the whole set of actions was also very good. Finally, the method was stable and steady. Zou Jingyuan finally won the men's parallel bar championship with a super high score of 16.200. Xiao Ruo-teng's play was simple, but his performance was perfect enough. He had a difficulty of 6.5, and finally got 15.233 points. Xiao Ruo Teng won the runner-up and Turkish player Arikan won the third with 15.166 points.

The men's horizontal bar is the finale of the big event today. Xiao Ruoteng's action has three air tempo bars and the first two are successfully completed. However, the third most difficult one fails to land. This set of actions failed, Xiao Ruo Teng also seems particularly sorry that he eventually He finished fifth with 13.466 points. Deng Shudi put a set of horizontal bars down, and he finished third with 14.500 points. Croatian player Seabich won the championship with 14.800 points and American player Jim Buller finished second with 14.533 points.

In the men's Vault Finals, Qu Ruiyang's first jump performed perfectly. With a difficulty value of 5.6, he scored 9.3 points. The 14.900 points he scored on the first jump was the highest first jump score in the final. The difficulty of the second jump dropped to 5.2. Qu Ruiyang was also a brilliant finish. He eventually scored 14.566 points. Another Chinese player, Huang Mingqi, also made a good first jump. Unfortunately, he missed the second jump and ended up scoring 14.516 points.

Ukrainian player Radivov made his seventh appearance and his difficulty in both jumps reached 5.6, which made Radivov appear to have an advantage. Although the quality of the two jumps was lower than Qu Ruiyang, the second jump was deducted from the field. 0.1 points, but could not stand the difficulty level, Radivov finally won the championship with 14.599 points, Qu Ruiyang was runner-up with 14.566 points. Turkey's Arikan won third with 14.533 points and Huang Mingqi was fourth with 14.516 points. The difference between the champion and the fourth place is only 0.083 points.

No Chinese players participated in the women's balance beam finals, and French players have obvious advantages in this project. Dos Santos won the championship with 13.933 points. Boyer, another French player with a score of 6.000 in difficulty, scored a great deal with 13.466 points. Belgium's De Waal scored third with 13.400 points.

In the Women's Floor Exercise finals, the Chinese player Liu Jinru slammed a bit in the middle, affecting her overall play, and Liu Jinru finally finished eighth with 11.666 points. The floor of women's free gymnastics is dramatic. Belgium's Krzyszentka, Italy's Menezini and DPRK player KIM Su Jong have the same difficulty scores and score points. At the end, they all scored 13.333 points. The three tied for the championship.

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