Health Awareness Upgrade Promote Sports Consumption

- Mar 12, 2018 -

This year's winter sports training courses, in addition to the popular popularity of traditional swimming, football and other popular projects, the fencing, equestrian, ice hockey, skiing and other niche projects training market is also increasingly hot. For the explosive growth of the sports training market, Tan Jianxiang, a professor at the Sports Science College of South China Normal University, has been paying attention. In his opinion, sports training courses can be better, and the outbreak of sports training industry is still in early stages, with promising prospects.

Health awareness upgrade Promote sports consumption

The popularity of the sports training market is more intuitive on the data. At the end of 2017, the General Administration of Sport of China and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly released the 2016 national sports industry scale and value-added data at the National Sports Industry Development Conference. Data show that the total output of sports training and education reached 29.62 billion yuan, with an added value of 23.06 billion yuan. The output value and increments exceeded the sports competitions, sports media, sports management activities, and sports intermediary services. Data from multiple training courses showed that young people accounted for the mainstream of sports training market consumption, and holiday sports training was unprecedented.

Tan Jianxiang believes that the enhancement of national health awareness lays the foundation for the outbreak of the holiday sports training market. “The reason why students choose sports training is more due to the support of parents. Now the concept of parents of primary and secondary school students has made great progress compared with the older generation. Their understanding of health and new understanding of their children's employment has given them a new idea.The older generation is more inclined to 'learning and superiority,' and now this generation pays more attention to quality education and concerns young people's physical and mental health. Nurturing personality has a vital role, so parents are very willing to let children choose one or several sports during the holidays to cultivate their interest.”

Education concept upgrades provide conditions for physical training

The establishment of school teaching curriculum and the change of educational concept also provide objective conditions for the holiday sports training. Tan Jianxiang stated: “In the past, most of the students’ summer and winter vacations had been spent in various cram schools, organized by schools, and teachers’ guidance classes that parents had separately found. Now that some parents report their children on holidays, the Ministry of Education Instead of advocating make-up classes, most school curriculums also pursue students' development in a full-scale development of morality, intelligence, and physical beauty, and the assignments for the holidays are also more reasonable.Children have leisure time when parents will consider how to let their children spend a fulfilling holiday and exercise naturally. Playing games at home is more in line with parents' needs."

In addition to the parents’ appeal, the school attaches great importance to sports in the teaching process. In addition to the basic teaching of physical education classes, some primary and secondary schools will also cooperate with professional sports training institutions and societies. Schools will be established as a unit to provide sports interest classes for students. select.

Training Market Upgrade Solution Talents

With the rapid advancement of the sports training industry, only the market demand is not enough, and the supply side is equally awesome. In recent years, the sports industry has ushered in the golden period of development. The social capital in the sports industry is unprecedentedly active. The sports training market is also a section where the return rate of the sports industry is relatively high and the investment return cycle is relatively short, which also boosts the sports training institutions. The number soared.

The vigorous development of the youth sports training market has many surprises, but there are also pain points. If the industry is to develop healthily, some issues urgently need to be concerned and resolved by relevant departments.

“At present, China’s youth sports training institutions do not yet have a uniform entry threshold, the level of qualifications of coaches is also uneven, and training institutions’ competitions and juvenile sports talent selection have not been smoothly integrated. If these problems can be solved, not only can they guarantee protection. The interest of students and parents is to explore a new approach to the training and selection of sports talents. The sports training industry will also usher in a truly explosive growth period, said Tan Jianxiang.

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